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[ idols | high-school | slice of life | pg-13 ] ▄▄▄ ART BASED GROUP. You will be required to draw! But we are also willing to help you and give you pointers and advice! ▄▄▄ Moonrise Academy is an Idol School set in an Alternate Universe loosely based on the anime Aikatsu, Aikatsu Stars and Aikatsu Friends. Located somewhere in present day Tokyo, it shares a world with it's sister idol schools. The campus is sprawling and able to contain all the necessary buildings, along with a small forest, but is still located within the city limits of Tokyo. ▄▄▄ We're the official discord server to the Moonrise Academy deviantart RP group.
Gaming | Anime
Polyrhythm, the heaven of rhythm games, is open to welcome its members into a new world of rhythm games. We support 6 game channels: bandori, ensemble stars, shining live, love live, idolish-7 and b-project. come and join this beautiful heaven where we discuss about game events, interact with each other from different channels, and enter new dimensions in the future! The Ruler invites you into this beautiful heaven....:)
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Annyeong everyone! LolliKpop is a safe, new and growing community for making friends, talking about common interests and chilling~ Kpop and korean culture theme. We offer various bots, self assignable roles, events and more. Help us to grow and become a fun community for all♡
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InDo: Halo Once! Selamat datang di 원스 INDONESIA🍭🇮🇩. Kami adalah ONCE, kita sebagai ONCE Harus tetap solid dan mendukung TWICE, No Salpak, No War, Jangan Ngomong Toxic(dikit dikit boleh lah :V) Join yaaa, Sekian English: Hello Once! Welcome to 원스 INDONESIA🍭🇮🇩. We are ONCE, We as once must always stay solid and always support TWICE, No Salpak, No War, Don't Say Too much bad words, C'mon Join Us
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A place where Keyakizaka46 and Hinatazaka46 fans can talk about their favorite idols and more! We have ties to the and websites.
Hobbies | Community
No Akb No Life is to presevere the idea of Idol-ism, which involves the 48,46 Idol groups.
Anime | Community | Music
Welcome to Idol Academy! A dedicated community with Love Live!, BanG Dream/Bandori, Aikatsu!, Idolmaster, PriPara, and anime idols, in general.
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☾Dreamedia Entertainment is a roleplay server that is based off of a K-POP Company in which you can become a trainee that's making way to debut, or you can be many other things such as: manager, body guard, and an instructor that teaches the trainees!☽
Anime | Music
★ Idol Festival! is a friendly community full of people interested in idol games! Discuss your favorite idol characters and have fun with everyone in the server! We mostly like to talk about Bandori, Ensemble Stars, Hypnosis Mic, and Love Live, but there are channels for A3!, Idolish7, [email protected], Revue Starlight, Utapri, and 22/7 Music Time as well! We also do events and account giveaways! We hope you can find a happy place here!
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A place where fans of Love Live can gather and have some good times! Don't forget to introduce yourself so we can get to know you better before we let you in! All girls are best girls! NO NSFW!
Role-Playing | Social
└> Orenda Entertainment is typing... ❜ .  .  . 💌 : New message¡ Orenda Entertainment is inviting you to join our amazing community! We are a KPOP Enertainment server where you can be an idol, model, or an actor! What We Include: ♤┆ Dumb Litty by KARD themed server! ♧┆ Fun events like movie night! ♤┆ The ability to become idols! ♧┆ LGTBQ+ Friendly ♤┆ The chance to meet new people! ♧┆ The ability to get pets for your OCs! ♤┆Scandals, News, and More
Music | Social
We are a server that focuses mainly on the idol music and idols of Japans bubble era. There are plenty of channels for discussion, video posting, file dumping and general discussion. We will also do live events once we get off the ground.
Music | Community
Indonesian server for JKT48 fans. Semua fans 48/46 dan idol Jepang lainnya silahkan bergabung!
Anime | Music
Hello! This discord server was made with a sense of community in mind and has everything you need to keep you up to date in the world of Love Live and Bandori! It also has scouting simulators for both!
Music | Community
─ METANOIA ENTERTAINMENT ( 。>﹏<。) · × ˚ ₊ ✦ . × ˚ ₊ · × ╭﹒♡ a roleplay based server. ・cottagecore themed. ╰﹒♡ welcoming community! ( 。>﹏<。) · × ˚ ₊ ✦ . × ˚ ₊ · × ╭﹒♡ always hiring pms/ams ・kpop based!! ╰﹒♡ sfw server
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A server for [email protected] fan across Canada however we also welcome those who are not located in Canada as we want to grow the [email protected] fan base.
Anime | Music
Welcome to the underground otaku society!, This server was created to help people learn about smaller idol japanese idol groups in the underground scene in japan! We not only talk about idols but any otaku subculture such as itasha, Vtuber, visual Kei, 2D idol, Trains, Comedy, Gundam, Model Kits, Variety, Anime, and more! If you want to talk about your hobbies then this is your place! (DM for partnership) What are underground idols? ---------------------------------------------------- Underground idols or chika idols are smaller idols who are not apart of a big music company such as sony etc. , usually they value fan interaction rather than CD sales.
Music | Community
IkoNoi ID. An Indonesian server for those who are fans of Equal Love (=LOVE) and Not Equal Me (≠ME) Japanese idol group.