Art | Role-Playing
[ idols | high-school | slice of life | pg-13 ] ▄▄▄ ART BASED GROUP. You will be required to draw! But we are also willing to help you and give you pointers and advice! ▄▄▄ Moonrise Academy is an Idol School set in an Alternate Universe loosely based on the anime Aikatsu, Aikatsu Stars and Aikatsu Friends. Located somewhere in present day Tokyo, it shares a world with it's sister idol schools. The campus is sprawling and able to contain all the necessary buildings, along with a small forest, but is still located within the city limits of Tokyo. ▄▄▄ We're the official discord server to the Moonrise Academy deviantart RP group.
Anime | Community
We hope you join us in discussing our love for idol games / seiyuu / utaites We love Love Live, Bang Dream, Idolmaster, B-Project, Uta no Prince Sama, and more! Anime and Manga welcome!
Community | Anime
Here lurks the Church of Baby Ohimechin! Enjoy a nice [email protected] themed server where you can chat about your favorite idols, hobbies, games, anime/manga, sports, music, or just come by to hang out and have some fun.
Anime | Community | Music
Welcome to Idol Academy! A dedicated community with Love Live!, BanG Dream/Bandori, Aikatsu!, Idolmaster, PriPara, and anime idols, in general.
Anime | Community
The [email protected] Studio is a place where all fans of all branches of [email protected] can come together under one banner to hang out and chat with other fans of the community. All Stars, Million Live, and Cinderella girls are just some of the branches available. All are welcome!
Anime | Community
A server for [email protected] fan across Canada however we also welcome those who are not located in Canada as we want to grow the [email protected] fan base.
Anime | LGBT
Roles Include: Idols: Love Live, Idolmaster, Bang Dream! (Bandori), Zombieland Saga, Tokyo 7th Sisters, Hololive, Aikatsu Guydols: Utapri, Idolish7, Enstars, B-project, Imas side-m Come talk with us about games/animes/etc involving idols and guydols with an LGBT twist <3