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Multiple Daily Nitro/Game giveaways 🌟Make ACTUAL friends 🌟 Active Text/Voice 🌟 Events that earn you prizes 🌟 A fun community built by friends from the ground up🌟
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Community | Meme
Multiple Daily Nitro/Game giveaways 🌟Make ACTUAL friends 🌟 Active Text/Voice 🌟 Events that earn you prizes 🌟 A fun community built by friends from the ground up🌟
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Music | Entertainment
Hi! We are a new K Pop community that is hoping to branch out in the future. We want to provide you with a server which has all the information on your favorite Kpop group/soloist. We just started this channel so please join and spread the word as well! What you can find in our server: 1. updates on every comeback of the month! 2. Text channels dedicated for various Kpop groups. 3. Jam sessions. 4. A channel to share any remixes/ kpop merch/ and other Kpop edits and masterpieces of you! So please come and join our server. We are still developing our server!
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Role-Playing | Music
euphoria entertainment is a fictional k-pop entertainment company we welcome everyone, from k-pop stans to people who are new to k-pop. here, you can roleplay as a trainee and work hard, slowly improving yourself and finally debuting as a k-pop idol in a group or even solo!
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Role-Playing | Music
welcome to rey entertainment ~! here, you can become either an idol, an actor, or a model at one of the best companies in seoul !
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Music | Role-Playing
hsn entertainment is a kpop entertainment roleplay server. everyone is welcome to join for rp or even just talking. there is minimal aesthetic and is safe for work. ☆
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Role-Playing | Music
SAW Entertainement (SAW 엔터테인먼트) est une agence coréenne fondée par un ancien idol, basée sur PNATION. Elle opère en tant que studio d'enregistrement, compagnie de production musicale, production de concerts, 인재 에이전시 (agence de talents) et bien d'autres. SAW Ent. est aujourd'hui reconnue pour son survival show qui débutera en fin d'année 2021 ; SAW 01, qui formera 2 groupes de k-pop, les prochains plus grands. Avant même d'avoir des groupes, cette agence a réussi à se classer aux côtés de JYP, YG, PNATION, SM, Cube, KQ ! Mais on la reconnait surtout pour la liberté qu'elle donne aux idols. Ayant déjà des soloists, les fans ont remarqué qu'une de ces soloists, (Soojin) était mariée, du jamais vu dans certaines agences. Les mots du P.D.G ont touché plus d'un cœur ; "Les idoles sont humaines. Pourquoi la génération qui les précède devrait-elle avoir un total contrôle sur elles ? Une simple photo peut suffire à détruire une carrière. Ici, ça ne sera jamais le cas." SERVEUR RP !
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LGBT | Social
@vanillaent mnml . kpop ent . vanilla lightsum theme . sfw . fun! . social
Music | Anime
A cool calm Music server, with lots of sessions and events! A music + KPOP update + friendly homelike server where you can hang out and make your time memorable with new friends. ✦【Things you get here】✦ ➥SFW server ➥Fun Interactive bots and lots of emojis to express yourself ➥A variety of categorized channels like Anime, K-pop, Gaming, and Random stuff always goin' all time. ➥A friendly group of Admins and mod We welcome Members from all around the world to waddle around.
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Music | Social
. . . . . ╰──╮Welcome to Jisoo's Dior Bags! ╭──╯ . . . . . ღ We're a server that includes BLIИKS and focus on the Visual, Lead Vocalist and Unnie of the girl group BLΛƆKPIИK, Jisoo Kim. ღ Are you a blink or a fan of the world famous girl group-BLΛƆKPIИK? Well be sure to join this new server to hang out with fellow BLINKS, make friends, chat about BLACKPINK, and most importantly to HAVE FUN! We have~ ꕥ Friendly and Inclusive Server and Members ꕥ LGBTQ+ Safe Community ꕥ BLACKPINK and Jisoo Related Info and updates ꕥ Fellow Kpop Stans⁣ ꕥ We are all kind and respectful and we make sure that everyone is treated respectfully and equally. ꕥ Semi-Active Chat ꕥ We have a lot of fun channels ꕥ We welcome BLΛƆKPIИK from all countries ꕥ This server will always be updating itself and getting new AMAZING emojis of BLΛƆKPIИK ꕥ Helpful and Kind Staff ꕥ A profile containing everything you need to know about Kim Jisoo if you are a new KPop Fan ⁣ 𓆩♡𓆪 A friendly community of BLIИKS await you!
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Music | YouTuber
Welcome to K-Gen Kulture! We talk all things music and share our opinions on the Kulture. The YT and Twitch is hosted by Jax and Aya. Aya is a 1st Gen and I'm a 3rd Gen. We like to bring music commentary/analysis and entertainment.