Gaming | Hobbies
We be casual gamers enjoying their free time after school/ uni/ job. Feel free to join!
Community | Gaming
18+ SFW small cozy community that is welcoming to everyone! We would love to get to know you and spend every day with you! 🌸 Self-roles 🌻 PIXELMON MINECRAFT SERVER 🌸 Events 🌻 Listening to music together 🌸 Friendship Making channel 🌻 Random Discussions 🌸 200+ emotes
Music | Community
Ever wondered what a discord server for acnh is like? Well, for this server, we host updates daily/weekly and we even have an update ideas channel and more! We trade, make friends, sell things, and more! Have fun!
Anime | Gaming
its a place for people who like gaming,anime,nekos,etc anyone can join and invite your friends
Support | Community
we want to help more and more people and bring happiness as much as we can to anyone who's coping with a harsh moment of life but hopefully we will vanish the negative emotions ^^.
Gaming | Meme
🅻🅸🆃 🅲🆁🅰🅵🆃 🔥-For Minecraft Java and Minecraft Bedrock 🔥-Friendly community to make friends and hang out 🔥-Everyone is welcome unless you ignore the server rules 🔥-Plenty of space for new people 🔥-Active moderators and support 🔥-Earnable roles and special chats 🔥-Any questions just join and we will try to help Give it try, I think you'll like it :)
Community | Social
Hello I Created Cactus Hangout Because I don't have many friends. I know that many people will relate to that. So I Made it so that hopefully people will be able to make friends or love and also have fun. I hope you stop by and say hi. <3
Gaming | Community
this is a server for vibing on games like roblox, brawlhalla etc
Gaming | Anime
this is a server for having fun and talking to people, we're pretty small right now but in the near future this server will be extremely worth staying in, we are mainly focused on gaming but also open to anime, manga, movie, shows etc
Anime | Gaming
Chat, game, watch animes, and more
Community | Gaming
~Check Out The Toxic ◇ Server:~ (Hiring Partnership Managers Right Now!) 📥 - Free Advertising to any server on any server count. 🤝 - Make new friends, shake hands and talk crazy. Join now or you will miss a lifetime of opportunity! 💭 - Social General Is Pretty Active. But Still Needs Some More Actives To Keep The Channel Rolling. 🎙️ - We also do Voice Chat. Sometimes we do music listening, sometimes we talk or maybe both but we VC every day in random times. 🎨 - Our server provides 30 optional color roles and some social roles to hype up the chat 👾 - 3 Custom Discord bots made for fun General Chat entertainment, auto response and stable mod cmds to entertain our members. 😈 - We aren't all made to be Toxic. But we all are capable of toxic people. Don't think this is a toxicity server but a community for everyone. 🔗 - https://imgur.com/Nc6Vlkp
Community | Social
Brand new, with talkative members. Have a chat and maybe make friends! Online owner.
Anime | Gaming
♡ super chill, growing community where everyone loves anime/manga. we have plenty of fun emotes, reaction roles and color roles. ♡
Community | Gaming
Hey there! Would you like a very fun and outgoing server? Well you have come to the right place. Come here and join us with multiple roles, bots, channels and way more! You can make friends and this server is completely friendly. Come join us on this really fun server!
Community | YouTuber
Heyo! This server is the YouTuber "Dylan Wolf"s community server. Please join! We want to thrive and grow so peeps can make friends etc!
Gaming | LGBT
Chill Lounge is a spot for people to chill, have fun, game, make friends, and get advice. We will be talking suggestions and adding to our server to grow.