Meet friends and have fun discussing something we all love!
Greetings minecraft players this server is intended for all games have fun making friends and listen to music there is also memes for the sake of your laughter custom roles and more currency
its a place for people who like gaming,anime,nekos,etc anyone can join and invite your friends
Hi human beings! Music should connect right? Well, we have created a Discord server for talking bout music, promoting ur band and searching for co-writers, for example! Share this link, and unite the world. Worldwide music community, that wants to unite music listeners and especially musicians all over the world, like the name says; Music ATW=Around The World! OUR BIG BROTHERS PLAY MUSIC ON THE SERVER WHENEVER THEY ARE ONLINE, SO COME LISTEN TO THE NEWEST AND SOME OLDER MUSIC TOO, TOGETHER!!!
If you want to chat, talk and make some friends, PostBox is the right place! If you just want to chat and talk while gaming, that too will succeed!
We are a growing friendly discord community and we love making friends and have fun
we want to help more and more people and bring happiness as much as we can to anyone who's coping with a harsh moment of life but hopefully we will vanish the negative emotions ^^.
The Graveyard is a new 18+ community focused on finding new friends and an active voice chat. Many planned streaming and other fun events! Possible discord nitro giveaway after our first 100 members join. It's unfortunate that you died, but hey at least you have a server filled with homies!
Small cozy community that is welcoming to everyone! We would love to get to know you and spend every day with you! 🌸 self roles 🌻 tons of interactive bots 🌸 movie nights 🌻 jam out together 🌸 make new friends 🌻 talk about anything random stuff 🌸 selfies 🌻 200+ emotes