Anime | Gaming
Meet friends and have fun discussing something we all love!
Gaming | Art
Greetings minecraft players this server is intended for all games have fun making friends and listen to music there is also memes for the sake of your laughter custom roles and more currency
Gaming | Social
This is a chill server filled with welcoming, and friendly people. Memes are a large part of our server, so feel free to search or donate some memes! We have many gamers in our community that you could play or communicate with. We welcome all sorts of communities and people! Idiotic HQ is a great place to make friends, play games, and pretty much anything else! We hope to see you at our server!
Anime | Gaming
its a place for people who like gaming,anime,nekos,etc anyone can join and invite your friends
Music | Community
Hi human beings! Music should connect right? Well, we have created a Discord server for talking bout music, promoting ur band and searching for co-writers, for example! Share this link, and unite the world. Worldwide music community, that wants to unite music listeners and especially musicians all over the world, like the name says; Music ATW=Around The World! OUR BIG BROTHERS PLAY MUSIC ON THE SERVER WHENEVER THEY ARE ONLINE, SO COME LISTEN TO THE NEWEST AND SOME OLDER MUSIC TOO, TOGETHER!!!
Community | Gaming
If you want to chat, talk and make some friends, PostBox is the right place! If you just want to chat and talk while gaming, that too will succeed!
Support | Community
we want to help more and more people and bring happiness as much as we can to anyone who's coping with a harsh moment of life but hopefully we will vanish the negative emotions ^^.
Gaming | Meme
🅻🅸🆃 🅲🆁🅰🅵🆃 🔥-For Minecraft Java and Minecraft Bedrock 🔥-Friendly community to make friends and hang out 🔥-Everyone is welcome unless you ignore the server rules 🔥-Plenty of space for new people 🔥-Active moderators and support 🔥-Earnable roles and special chats 🔥-Any questions just join and we will try to help Give it try, I think you'll like it :)
Gaming | Anime
Our Server is focused around Pokémon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Our Main goal is to bring in people to do basically everything the game offers to their players like Battles, tradings, raids, make friends, etc. We also offer a variety of different things to do like play other games, talk about other games, even Art, Anime, etc. Even Becoming a Gym Leader, Elite Four, And Even Champion in our Hall of Fame, adding competition to our group. Even including help with pokedexes and new players to immerse in our community! Invite others too! We attempt to make a lively place to be at daily, including Giveaways, Free pokemon trades, Glitches including cloning! We appreciate any new members with a Welcome and be a part of our community as it grows!
Entertainment | Gaming
Hiya I'm Sync. This is a very small server with the intention of making friends, and having more focused conversations. I made the server to make friends, and hopefully you will too! We discuss TV shows, gaming and more! Please be under 18!
Anime | Gaming
Welcome to ⛩。:☆。Kawaii Shrine 。☆。: ⛩ »NEW SERVER!« ❦ We are a fun and growing community with many things that you can do there, this server was created for people to chat and make new friends in a chill environment. WE ALSO HAVE OVER 100+ emotes ✧˚₊·✧˚₊·✧˚₊·✧˚₊·✧˚₊·✧˚₊·✧˚₊·✧˚₊·✧˚₊·✧˚₊·✧˚₊·✧˚₊·✧˚₊·✧ ➤ ♡ Active & friendly community ➤ ♡ Cool Self Assigning roles ➤ ♡ Variety of Color Roles ➤ ♡ Supportive LGBTQ+ Community ➤ ♡ International Chats ➤ ♡ Gaming channels and gaming voice channels ➤ ♡ NSFW channels ➤ ♡ Arts channels ➤ ♡ Supportive Weeb community ➤ ♡ Suggestion channel And so much more to offer! :two_hearts: LOOKING FOR ACTIVE PARTNER MANAGERS Hope to meet you guys in this server!
Community | LGBT
Hellosies, and welcome to Quaranteen Boredom! A server where you can chat around, make friends, or even look at pictures of qt pets! Is only for teenagers though, so if you are an adult, please stayings out- ily for reading this completely and for taking your time yoz great hooman ❤️
Community | Gaming
17+ small cozy community that is welcoming to everyone! We would love to get to know you and spend every day with you! 🌸 self roles 🌻 tons of interactive bots 🌸 many events 🌻 jam out together 🌸 make new friends 🌻 talk about anything random stuff 🌸 selfies 🌻 200+ emotes