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➜Looking for a chill, fun, active and organised gaming community? This is the right place!
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⭐🕹️The place where you can make friends and play games with others from all around the globe! 🕹️⭐
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If you play Crossout then this server is for you. If you don't got it, It's free. Join in on the action!
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RUSSIAN/РУССКИЙ: Сервер посвящён популярной ММО игре Crossout. Идёт набор на сервер. Не "токсичное" сообщество. Язык сервера: Русский. ENGLISH/АНГЛИЙСКИЙ: This server is about popular MMO game Crossout. Server's language is Russian.
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The Space Lounge is a relaxed Northern American based Gaming Community which has a primary focus on PVP games. But, while our focus is mainly PVP, we’re not going to ignore the alternative content that various games have to offer; such as PVE, Clan Events, Raids, and Leveling to name a few. Furthermore we are very communicative and will engage in conversations that are intriguing to those who receive it. Also despite the fact we’re mostly a Northern American community we welcome those who come from abroad as well; connecting during our time zone isn’t necessary to be social, but it will make the experience all the better! If any of this sounds appealing to you then go ahead and hop on in; we’re always looking for amiable members who have similar ideals and/or would like to participate in our adventures! Join our new community minecraft server! (Semi-Vanilla | McMMO | MythicMobs | MyPets) COD:MW | Crossout | Division 2
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[LTU] Lithuania Crossout Clan