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Fortnite practice for Tournaments
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Hello & welcome to the group, be sure to read the #welcome page & #rules page before posting as well as check out upcoming events on our events page, we try to host at least three games every week.
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Large HALO PC community, especially for Custom games.
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PUBG Weekly Custom's
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The Ultamate LFG Experience Dedicated to Represent the Modding Community.
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Chill Sector is a Minigames and Chill Server. One of a kind community with games and economy. We have custom events that are unparalleled. There are custom commands and amazing rank system. Presenting 30+ bots and the entire server in a unique way.
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Fortnite Scrims, custom games, pro scrims and snipes. Community for professional and competitive gamers that wants to practice for tournaments. Regularly hosting scrims and pro scrims. One of the largest scrim servers in the world. Looking for staff and scrims hosts.
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V1-M Is dedicated to bringing you VALORANT custom games of any skill. Currently, we hold tournaments on the first of every month to determine players' skill levels until the game develops its own ranking system.
Overwatch Lava Parkour Workshop Server - Come join and play fun lava parkour maps in Overwatch! Earn achievements, climb the ranks, and enjoy the wonderful community. No PvP toxicity; only lava!
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Agon Customs is a new discord server, built to make your dreams into a reality. We offer highly competitive scrims utilizing the custom games feature in VALORANT. We are actively working to make this server the best it can be, and soon adding a custom ranking system within the discord!
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Looking for that nostalgic feeling of play custom games & multiplayer with friends? Join Noob's Gaming Revolution and start having some fun!
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A chill, gaming, and MORE server with a good community.