Music | Social
Divided! Music | Community Discord Server | Open for all! Share music with people that have the same passion as you, found a song that many people may like share it in our genre channels or (Share Music) channel. Even though Divided! is based around music, we hope to expand to much more in the future such as gaming. We hope to really expand our community. Our main aim is to be able to build a strong, power community with the same passions as us, such as music & gaming. Everyone is welcome. We hope to see you soon! - Please sure to read all information on joining.
Social | Education
Just for clarification, disorders include anything from physical disabilities to mental, social, or behavioral disorders. As stated before, any and all are welcome as long as you’re open minded
Gaming | Community
Hi! This is an arcade server where you can chat with friends and the community. This server includes: ->Custom Roles ->Different bots ->Mini-Games based on bots ->Strict rules about racism and discrimination ->Easy way to get good ranks(ex. MOD, CO-ADMIN, ADMIN and others) Please let us now what you think.
Gaming | Community
Welcome to Vortex Trading Giveaways will be hosted daily once we reach 100 members! (1k sun weekly or sometimes rare weapons!) Mods are very nice and will help with almost anything! The server is still W.I.P but we will take ideas for the server! Once you join you will be placed in the #rules channel please read every single rule as to know what not to do so you wont get a warning or even banned. In order to trade you have to go to the #verify channel and be verified once you are verified go back to the server and the #add-roles channel will appear you click the react button under STW and will be given the STW role and chats More stuff will be coming soon for battle royale as well! Thank you for joining!
Community | Entertainment
I herd you wanted different flavours in sync? Dynamic Den Got The Goods!! now we do everything our members desire so there is no restriction to particular theme the only thing we dont do is NSFW and Gore so theres that because those flavours dont match with our bowl of soup. do you desire to unfurl? unwind? or just curious? well then come and witness dynamism we create between all known themes be it gaming, anime, RP, art etc etc... and may the force be with you :pray: