This is a fun new discord server modeled after a town. It is still a work in progress and very small but very fun as well. We have currency, levels, many fun roles and plenty of channels!
Its a Roleplay server for Final Fantasy 7, 6 and 15! Its still a WIP though but if you join I will be able to keep making it since you're giving me motivation!
The Coffee Kingdom is a chill place (that's still in the works) where people can make new friends and VC! We are still new so we are very open to suggestions. You can also sign up for different roles in the coffee kingdom. We have a very chill staff and we hope you will become apart of the kingdom!
A roleplay server based around the Black Mesa Research Facility before the resonance cascade took place.
Come join Golden Galaxy! Why should you join us? : I would say that you should join our community is going to be as humorous as possible. All staff are NOT toxic nor scary to talk to. We can all have a laugh! Psst, there's also a big secret coming up upon release. Is the Minecraft server up? : No, we're pre-promoting the server so that we have a player base and hype upon release! Can I apply for staff? : Not yet. The forums are currently being made as we speak! Can I apply for youtuber? : Sure! You can apply for youtube on our server for exclusive in game items! (5000 subs) What about bugs? : If someone finds a bug and reports it, we'll reward you! We accept donations :
work in progress, need staff and a co-owner and i need help setting this up.
Furry/brony hangout, quite dead at the moment but that's why we're on here
An art server to chill, learn, promote and just have a fun time.
A fun, newcomer friendly, currently WIP server looking for new and old fans alike to make a lovely, blood stained portrait of a custom solar system set in the 40k universe
This is a server for the Furry Fandom, Mainly focusing around the Red Pandas of the fandom, but all races are allowed in the server, as long as you are following the rules its okay!