Role-Playing | Community
A roleplay server based around the Black Mesa Research Facility before the resonance cascade took place.
Gaming | Programming
Come join Golden Galaxy! Why should you join us? : I would say that you should join our community is going to be as humorous as possible. All staff are NOT toxic nor scary to talk to. We can all have a laugh! Psst, there's also a big secret coming up upon release. Is the Minecraft server up? : No, we're pre-promoting the server so that we have a player base and hype upon release! Can I apply for staff? : Not yet. The forums are currently being made as we speak! Can I apply for youtuber? : Sure! You can apply for youtube on our server for exclusive in game items! (5000 subs) What about bugs? : If someone finds a bug and reports it, we'll reward you! We accept donations :
work in progress, need staff and a co-owner and i need help setting this up.
Role-Playing | Furry
Furry/brony hangout, quite dead at the moment but that's why we're on here
Gaming | Community
A sever with a frendly community
Gaming | Community
Welcome to Vortex Trading Giveaways will be hosted daily once we reach 100 members! (1k sun weekly or sometimes rare weapons!) Mods are very nice and will help with almost anything! The server is still W.I.P but we will take ideas for the server! Once you join you will be placed in the #rules channel please read every single rule as to know what not to do so you wont get a warning or even banned. In order to trade you have to go to the #verify channel and be verified once you are verified go back to the server and the #add-roles channel will appear you click the react button under STW and will be given the STW role and chats More stuff will be coming soon for battle royale as well! Thank you for joining!
Anime | Gaming
In the works looking for developers
Anime | Social
➸ Trail of Dust is an In Dev game based off Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. We have a friendly enviroment despite the current inactivity due to the lack of members. ➸ Please be aware that I am the only developer of this game and so, the game will not get updates 24/7. Despite all of that we still have frequent sneaks, so do not worry about not getting any.
Role-Playing | Gaming
A fun, newcomer friendly, currently WIP server looking for new and old fans alike to make a lovely, blood stained portrait of a custom solar system set in the 40k universe