Community | Gaming
A gaming community for strictly girls only! Looking for friends to play games with? Gossip? Or wanting to support other girls? You've found the right place! We're a judgement free zone and looking to expand our community!
Anime | Community
Red's Garden is a LGBTQ+ Friendly Anime community, which is for everyone. Every single one of you are welcome so what are you waiting for, Join now Cuties!
Art | Community
Come and visit our friendly art community and make great friends. Exchange thoughts on how to improve your skills.
Social | Beliefs
This server is dedicated for growth and evolution. The focus is Love, positivity, healing. It's a strict place for people who hold positive intentions towards self and others, they might not express it just yet though. People here can get guidance/help. There's some~ information that can be learned from (if you don't want to interact) and people are welcome to share their experiences. This server is not a safe-space, though could seem to be. It's triggering and challenging, a lot didn't even pass to enter because they didn't know how to use the key, that was right there in front of them...
Gaming | eSports
Initio is an Esports Organization that is building a community of streamers, content creators and teams. Our goal is to build a positive community and allow people a space to co op, play together, hang out and cheer for our teams! We are seeking to be filled with a large community who all together are following the same guidelines in life and building a similar mentality of non toxic environment, while promoting a healthy way of gaming through positive thinking and behavior.
Community | Gaming
TC Army is a server created and currently owned by two streamers that go by the names of TcKatfish and Elekktro! A popular game that both Elekktro and TcKatfish's streams consist of is League of Legends. However, the streams also occasionally include other games and activities for everyone to enjoy! This server is a place for the fan-based community of the two influencers to chat, get to know each other, and overall have fun in a safe, positive environment!
Community | Social
are you tired of large servers that don't feel like a real tight-knit community of people that genuinely care about each other? then estella is the place for you!
Community | Gaming
Come here to chill & game.
LGBT | Hobbies
an lgbtqia+ focused server aimed mostly at transfems, but all are welcome!
Community | Education
A server created with the intention of educating singlets and systems alike as well as dispelling any of the false stereotypes that exist around plurality. We preach openness, acceptance, kindness, understanding, patience, and education.
Meme | Entertainment
This is a chill server where you can as it says in the name, vibe. You can talk about your interests and even get new friends! :D.
Beliefs | Community
SAN - a focused but laid back and active discord development server for a group of soul family members that like to stay in touch with each other to network, inspire, help and support people in their paths. Membership is free for all who join. Integrity ought to be a must as we open our doors to all. Positive Intentions and actions only!! Troublemakers, Spammers, Trolls banished with a simple click. Drama is not wanted here. this is a new beginning for us now. Please, let us all start afresh. Thank you.
Community | Role-Playing
**დEvery Person Has Something Unique In Them That Makes Them Special! Never Be Ashamed Of Who You Are!დ**
Music | Entertainment
we're a server just being opened to the public for any multistan kpop fans! negative out, positive in!
Gaming | Community
(16+) We promote Positive Vibes through games like OW, Movie Nights, AND our very own Server-wide Overwatch League!
Gaming | Social
Join The Nightclub Community Server. Perfect place to meet new friends. Good vibes only, and positive place to be. ❤ Chill & Active Community 😇 Anime 🍾 Social ⏰ 24/7 VC 🎮 Gaming ☁️ Relaxed Atmosphere ⭐ Meet New People ⭐ <>
Gaming | Entertainment
We try our best to have a great gaming experience while playing with new people and or playing with your friends.
Gaming | Social
A friendly community that revolves around making new friends and playing games together.
Community | Fitness
A positive, support-based community for people focused on health, adapting a healthier lifestyle, weight-loss, muscle building, and everything in between. Whether you need to lose 5 pounds or 100 pounds, or just looking to eat better, this is the server for you. Learn about different eating lifestyles and share fun and exciting exercises with each other as we all continue to grow and become the version of ourselves we want to be.
Anime | Community
• self assignable roles • color roles • variety of bots • amazing staff members • lovely community • active owner And much more❤️
Gaming | Growth
Very new server for my Growing Youtube Channel with a super funny and positive community! Creators Welcome!
Community | Streaming
Welcome to The MightyMos ! The MightyMos server is dedicated to spreading positive vibes throughout the gaming community and creating a space for all of us to hangout. We have channels for all interests and have a leveling system as well. Come join the fun! Disrespecting other server members or streamers is not allowed. We are a positive community. No hate, toxic behavior, sexism, or racism of any kind. No drama allowed. At all. Don't spam, spoil things, or flood chat. Keep things in the correct channels, both text and voice. Keep all communication in English, as much as possible.
Gaming | YouTuber
Minecraft Hypixel Bedwars Community
Community | LGBT
Our server is a close community where it is easy to join in and make friends. Some of the channels we offer are an active creativity channel for you to post your art, a photography channel to share your pictures, and a LGBTQ+ channel for you to talk about anything lgbtq related.