After making it through three rounds of voting, we've arrived at the following theme: “Expeditioners to Expatriots”, which is a far future world where a science and colonization effort goes wrong, with nowhere for the team to escape. Instead, you must eek out a life on this new alien planet, and just generally not die. From our flavor message:

After arriving on a heavily forested planet in your world’s first distant offworld expedition, you have recently learned that a major catastrophe has occurred on your homeworld and you are stranded without any support expected to arrive. Although your mission was originally to study this planet and its biodiversity and establish a temporary colony, it has become immediately apparent that your mission has radically changed. Now, you must understand the life of this strange planet with its enormous trees and creeping creatures. Below the canopy, some miles down, emerges frightening sounds of creatures unknown. Do you dare venture to discover what lies below?