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Greeting everyone! We are a friendly anime community that like Fate and Type-Moon universe. Whenever you are a Type-Moon fan or just simply an anime fan. We don't mind! Come join us now!
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Anime | Emoji
An emoji server dedicated to (mainly Saber) Artoria! We have a bunch of blessed emotes for all users to enjoy! NO Nitro required, because we have the NQN bot! We haven't filled the slots completely yet, but there will be more added later. We don't have any chat channels(other than the one exclusively for Nitro Boosters) yet. Someday, we may make one!
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Emoji | Anime
Rin Tohsaka emoji discord server. This server exist as an emote storage and doesn't have any text channel, it is only for nitro users to enjoy a selection of Rin Tohsaka (fate) themed emotes. ( 100 emotes ).
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Anime | Growth
An mostly anime based community, but anyone is welcomed. We have lots of bots and channels for our members. hope you enjoy it here. <3
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A LGBT Fate server! We are primarily a Fate go server but we support all fate series! Come for a good old homosexual time
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Discord dedicado á comunidade PT-BR especialmente das series FATE, e também todos os outros animes da Type-Moon. Assim como trás atualizações do website: FsnGuild.com Venha também e faça parte deste universo ;)
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Nauja Fate/Grand Order lietuvos bendruomenė. Aptarinejam, dalinames patirtimi, bei padedam vieni kitiems!
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هاي-ساب أو الحوار العارم : فريق مترجم حوارت الأنمي إلى العربية . تأسس الفريق في صيف 2016 من قبل المترجم محمد التبر ، ينهج الفريق ترجمة قياسية تنهج معجما بلاغيا يقيس المعنى على الأحداث الخاصة بالأنمي ليالا يفقد أي نوع من الإثارة المحمولة و ليتحقق نوع جديد من المشاهدة يعرف بالمشاهدة "الساحرة" . إختص الفريق بتقرير حوارات مترجمة لعدة من الأغاني التابعة لمختلف الأنميات بل و قرر قصائد غنائية لها طالما تميزت ببلاغة و إبداع لغوي بارز و عارم. محمد التبر (المؤسس) : أدعى محمد مهدي التبر ، مهووس بالتقنية ، خبير بالعالم الإفتراضي نتيجة سنوات من التعلم الذاتي ، إتخذت درب الترجمة منذ سنوات لكن بعدما إقترح علي بعض الأصحاب ترجمة الأنمي ، أردت أن أبدي مهاراتي في ذلك المجال و حنكتي في المعلوميات حققت نقلة نوعية لحوارات الإنمي إلى طور جديد . أفضل أنميات الزمن و سلسلات يو-غي-يو .
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Anime | Gaming
A Fun Little Anime Server With Cool People And Cute Anime Girls, Primarily Sakura Matou.
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Anime | Community
Okay hello there, welcome to my very bizzare adventure. we are a 3 way anime based server for all anime fans especially Fate/HxH/JJBA fans. We also use AstolfoBot and Paisley Park to battle your favorite fate servants and stands to see who comes out on top, we also have Mudae so you can start claiming your favorite husbando’s and waifu’s. There is a diverse leveling system that goes up to Lvl 80 with special ranks and roles to grab on the way. We are small right now but hope to grow big.
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Anime | Entertainment
The *un*official server for the https://old.reddit.com/r/onetruetohsaka subreddit! We celebrate the best tsundere, Rin Tohsaka from the Fate/Stay Night universe as well as Ishtar and Ereshkigal! We are a welcoming community, even if Rin somehow isn't your favorite character. Feel free to come join us. We are always trying to grow the community and looking for ways to make things more fun and enjoyable. The server is very laid back, so come and meet some new people who love anime!
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Social | Anime
"Hello reader! this is the OFFICIAL UwU Inn introductory description! previously a lawless friend group, we've (SOMEWHAT COLLECTIVELY) Decided to go public and spruce up our server a bit, we're a ragtag group of weebs and epic gamers with questionable heterosexuality and we would love.. LOVE for our once small abode to grow up big and strong with beautiful and fruitful members to help spice things up a bit for the harsh winters ahead, and in time grow a small community of uwuers for the next wonderful chapter of our story! because chaaange.. is goooood.. so dont be shy come along and have a chill time with the former members of the Order of UwU! we play wonderful games such as: Minecraft (Modded), Destiny 2, League of Legends, For Honor(ish) and whatever we can get our hands on to have fun and chill, if this all sounds interesting then come give us a visit! uwu"
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Anime | Art
Serwer o tematyce Anime przeznaczony dla Polaków. Rozmawiamy tutaj o grach, animcach, youtube. Dodatkowo mam kanał na youtube (na który chcę wypuścić fate/stay night po Polsku) Dlatego osoby, które lubią voice-acting i chciałyby uczestniczyć w projekcie są mile widziane! Serwer zawiera również: - WaifuBot - AstolfoBot - Mudae i wiele wiele innych, także serdecznie zapraszamy! Jest to dosyć świeży serwer i nie mamy zbyt wielu osób, ale mam nadzieję, że razem stworzymy świetne community.
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Random server for people who like to talk about anime, manga and games, heavily into Fate and Dragonball be it games, mobages, anime and manga. Fate grand order, db dokkan battle etc etc.
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The Temple of Ishtar is a community that focuses on worshiping the magnificent Goddess Ishtar from Fate/Grand Order.
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Anime | Streaming
A server for my Twitch channel: ThinnerRolyat, Mainly a FGO player and Gacha connoisseur. We're a tight nit community who are all friendly and do generally support each other. We all like to post memes, anime waifus, talk about games/anime/life and much more. (We even have a few NSFW channels for the Adults ;) )
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Anime | Gaming
This is a Discord for a community of people who like anime, manga, and video games or people who just like interacting and chatting with others. My goal is for this server to be a cool place for people to hang out and be chill with one another and I am always looking for criticism/advice on how to make it better/more enjoyable for everyone there so please give any all suggestions you may have. If this interests you at all come join us now!
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Community | Anime
Welcome to Fate/MC ! We are a community of Fate/Grand Order players who are centred in Malaysia. We are a server that mainly is meant to talk about and discuss anything Fate/Grand Order related and to exchange game id’s as we help the southeast asian community within the game grow! We also do fun game nights and community events with the purpose of entertainment and chilling. We’re open to all members from any destinations to join us here in our server as we provide a comfortable safe space for all players and fans no matter the language barriers. After all, that is what us Malaysians are!
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Gaming | Entertainment
The Tacita community server! Home to our own gaming community over several games. We feature many games such as: Mabinogi Grand Theft Auto V Elite: Dangerous Vindictus League of Legends Fate/Grand Order SCP: Secret Lab Dead by Daylight Maplestory 2 Or you can just come to chat! You don't even need to play any of the games we do, we're always welcome to have new people to chat with.
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Anime | Gaming
Gateway to FGO Requiem Official Discord Server
Role-Playing | Entertainment
¡Bienvenide a nuestro roleplay! Somos una comunidad creada con la finalidad de encontrar un lugar donde pasar el rato y conocer nuevas personas. Un grupo de roleplay inspirado en las winx (fate o destino, la saga winx), con canales inrol, donde se lleva a cabo el roleo con personajes determinados (puedes tener mas de un personaje), y también canales offrol, donde se puede hablar de cualquier cosa. Ofrecemos: ·Canales off y in rol. ·Comunidad activa y 0 tóxica. ·Admins dispuestxs a ayudarte en todo lo que necesites, en cualquier momento. ·Y muchas cosas más. ¿Te interesa? ¿Te llama la atención? Pues no lo dudes, ¡entra a formar parte de nuestro pequeño grupito, sin ningún tipo de compromiso!
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Anime | Gaming
This is a community for all Fate Stay Night and Type-Moon fans to join and discuss the Fate series and the Type-Moon universe in general.
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Role-Playing | Anime
An alternative timeline to Fate/Grand Order. The Organization for the Preservation of Human Order, Finis Chaldea is a secret agency founded with the purpose of preventing the "certain extinction" of the human race. It specializes in handling temporal anomalies and other existential threats to humanity. Chaldea is a laboratory-observatory that recruits talented scientists and magi for the purpose of observing both the magical and scientific aspects of the world. They have a single goal: "to preserve the reign of the Human Order, above all else." You are one of the many chosen master candidates, or the servant of that master. Those who will solve all the singularities. The singularities might seem to be similar to how they were in Fate/Grand Order. But I assure you, there are twists and changes. -Require Active Members -An almost free freedom in character selection! -OC Servants are allowed -Free to newcomers into rp or fate itself. -A nice and welcoming community.
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Anime | Role-Playing
A Cyberpunk Mexico Fate Server that takes place in the year 2086. A Fate server that focuses on the future, while being a mix of magecraft.