Gateway to FGO Requiem Official Discord Server
A Fate Grand Order discord server, but everyone is welcomed!
Greeting everyone! We are a friendly anime community that like Fate and Type-Moon universe. Whenever you are a Type-Moon fan or just simply an anime fan. We don't mind! Come join us now!
Un serveur discord convivial où on parle d'animes de mangas et de bien plus encore ! Les discussion sur le serveur s'orientent plutôt vers les Animes et les mangas, mais aussi vers les jeu-vidéos et jeux mobiles comme FGO ! Notez également la présence d'un salon pour parler de Dramas ! Même si les règles concernant l'accès aux salon du serveur peuvent paraître strictes, le serveur espère tout de même un jour compter sur votre présence !
G&A Reviews' official Discord server! Discuss FGO, share pics, guides, and just have a good time!
Nauja Fate/Grand Order lietuvos bendruomenė. Aptarinejam, dalinames patirtimi, bei padedam vieni kitiems!
Come for Tamamo and stay for the fun and loving community! Features regularly scheduled events and activities as well as self-assignable roles. Whether you’re already a lover of Tamamo, or just looking for a quaint new home; We hope you’ll all be able to call Tamamo and Friends your new home. emote previews: Triggered Hehe TamaSmug RaspButt aquWAAAA Yay
Welcome to Chaldea! As the name suggests, we're a small community of Fate fans that come together to chillout and talk about Fate. If you don't play FGO, don't worry! We're happy to welcome anyone with open arms!
A fun rp server where you get to rp as a master or servant! As a master you can create one or choose one from Fate! We use a system like DnD and simple stats that make it easy and fun to battle!
A Fun Little Anime Server With Cool People And Cute Anime Girls, Primarily Sakura Matou.
A Roleplaying Server based on the Popular franchise Fate/Grand Order or FGO
Okay hello there, welcome to my very bizzare adventure. we are a 3 way anime based server for all anime fans especially Fate/HxH/JJBA fans. We also use AstolfoBot and Paisley Park to battle your favorite fate servants and stands to see who comes out on top, we also have Mudae so you can start claiming your favorite husbando’s and waifu’s. There is a diverse leveling system that goes up to Lvl 80 with special ranks and roles to grab on the way. We are small right now but hope to grow big.
Come and hang, we have channels for Magic The Gathering, Fate Grand Order, and Anime, we also have a meme and NSFW channel
A Fate Roleplay server based out the true ending of Fate Extella Link.
's good. that's about it
⌈❃∼∼∼∼∼∼∼∼✾✯✯✯✾∼∼∼∼∼∼∼∼❃⌉ Welcome inside The Fenikkusu Dynasty ! We are a family friendly Dynasty accepting everyone in ! Our main fandom is the Fate Series by Type-Moon but we also enjoy talking about other Anime ! Feel free to join whoever you are we have a place for you inside the Dynasty ! ☛ __**Cool Stuff**__ ☚ We have inside our Dynasty some cool stuff for you such as : ❃ Cool Bot like Mudamaid or Astolfo and more ❃ Roleplay ❃ Cool and friendly staff ! ❃ Original and Cute Emotes for you ❃ A Leveling System ❃ Server Lvl 1 ! (almost lvl 2!) ❃ Lot of channels to express yourself ! And More ! ❃∼∼∼∼∼∼∼∼✾✯✯✯✾∼∼∼∼∼∼∼∼❃ **Our Banner :** **Server Link :** ⌊❃∼∼∼∼∼∼∼∼✾✯✯✯✾∼∼∼∼∼∼∼∼❃⌋
Komunitas Fate Grand Order dan Fate Franchise Discord Server Indonesia. No toxic, cancer, bad words, dan Elitist. Tidak boleh ada NSFW dan sebar kode nuklir. Exclusive server (tidak aktif selama satu semester auto kick) yang ditujukan untuk player yang care (mengedepankan empati dari pada emosi) toleran, cinta tanah air dan aktif berkomunikasi. Rata-rata member server ini sudah bekerja dan mahasiswa aktif. Gunakan ($iam Fou) tanpa tanda kurung di channel #kafe-bot untuk mengakses general channel.
Server for Monogatari Series/Anime/Manga lovers.
A server dedicated to the mobile game Fate Grand Order. Come discuss, show off, and talk about FGO. Brand new community, be some of the first to start helping grow our server!
This is a community for all Fate Stay Night and Type-Moon fans to join and discuss the Fate series and the Type-Moon universe in general.
Hello! We're a chill community for fate fans or rpg game fans in general. Friendly people, events like Giveaways and wars, and fun bots like pokecord, astolfobot and waifu bots.
Serwer o tematyce Anime przeznaczony dla Polaków. Rozmawiamy tutaj o grach, animcach, youtube. Dodatkowo mam kanał na youtube (na który chcę wypuścić fate/stay night po Polsku) Dlatego osoby, które lubią voice-acting i chciałyby uczestniczyć w projekcie są mile widziane! Serwer zawiera również: - WaifuBot - AstolfoBot - Mudae i wiele wiele innych, także serdecznie zapraszamy! Jest to dosyć świeży serwer i nie mamy zbyt wielu osób, ale mam nadzieję, że razem stworzymy świetne community.
Fate Grand Order Accounts: Sales, trades and more! Buy or trade your new fgo account here, or maybe sell one!
Post your art/talk about games/anime/anything, it's a pretty chill place
We're a tight nit community who are all friendly and do generally support each other. We all like to post memes, anime waifus, talk about games/anime/life and much more. (We even have a few NSFW channels for the Adults ;) )
The Temple of Ishtar is a community that focuses on worshiping the magnificent Goddess Ishtar from Fate/Grand Order.
Weeb shit with a sprinkle of cancer
We're just a 3 year old small server that chats about all sorts of things such as everyday topics, games, anime, artwork, and so on. Gacha games such as Fate/Grand Order, Arknights, And Azur Lane are pretty popular here so if you like those, you'll fit right on in! We have gaming events typically every weekend with tabletop simulator being a favorite. We also make group images, which are essentially just a bunch of images slapped together on a background, so if you're interested in that feel free to check all of them out on the server! So feel free to drop on by and take a look!