Okay hello there, welcome to my very bizzare adventure. we are a 3 way anime based server for all anime fans especially Fate/HxH/JJBA fans. We also use AstolfoBot and Paisley Park to battle your favorite fate servants and stands to see who comes out on top, we also have Mudae so you can start claiming your favorite husbando’s and waifu’s. There is a diverse leveling system that goes up to Lvl 80 with special ranks and roles to grab on the way. We are small right now but hope to grow big.
server to talk about hunter x hunter, and tons of other anime’s.
Greed Island - A Hunter X Hunter RP server, is an roleplay server set in an alternate HxH universe. Create your very own Nen User and compete in the games of the Greed Island Game Masters for the chance to win powerful cards. Battle other Hunters, Chimera Ants and more with your Nen abilities, and discuss the series with other fans. Not convinced? Aight, lemme drop some truths. Melody is best girl. Killua is Gonsexual. Meruem/Komugi is best ship. I wish Leorio was my dad. This server is best server. Am I wrong?
Server hunterxhunter emojis.
This is Phantom troupe, we are here for gaming, streaming, helping, roleplay, and more. What do we offers: Netflix streaming shows and movies under your choice. Photo, movies, Broadcasting editing software. Games content , DLC, skins in league , fortnite giveaway, for LOYAL members. Nitro Boost giveaway.
After the successful foundation of the New Continent, everyone and their mom (at least those that can afford a ticket on a Black Whale) flock to the new- largely unexplored -paradise. Pariston Hill releases his army of Chimera Ant eggs in NGL while the majority of the Hunter Association is busy in the Dark Continent, and now the few hunters left behind have to control the new threat before it spreads to the rest of the Old World.
WORK IN PROGRESS, For all gamers and streamers that would like to link up and enjoy themselves.