A Discord for Artists - Gamers - Bara - Men loving Men - And openminded people a like. Join our community based Bara Discord for events - fun - art - games - entertainment.
We're just a 3 year old small server that chats about all sorts of things such as everyday topics, games, anime, artwork, and so on. Gacha games such as Fate/Grand Order and Azur Lane are pretty popular here so if you like those, you'll fit right on in! We have gaming events typically every weekend with tabletop simulator being a favorite. We also make group images, which are essentially just a bunch of images slapped together on a background, so if you're interested in that feel free to check all of them out on the server! So feel free to drop on by and take a look!
Tamamo's Chaldea is a server based around the Fate Series and one of it's characters, Tamamo no mae. Great place to come and talk about stuff you enjoy about the series and other things. We're a small community but we're growing every passing day so why not come join us.
G&A Reviews' official Discord server! Discuss FGO, share pics, guides, and just have a good time!
We all share a love for video games, come make some new friends while having fun! Fate Grand Order, League of Legends, Overwatch, Dragalia Lost, etc.
Welcome to Chaldea! As the name suggests, we're a small community of Fate fans that come together to chillout and talk about Fate. If you don't play FGO, don't worry! We're happy to welcome anyone with open arms!
A Roleplaying Server based on the Popular franchise Fate/Grand Order or FGO
A Fate Roleplay server based out the true ending of Fate Extella Link.
This is a community for all Fate Stay Night and Type-Moon fans to join and discuss the Fate series and the Type-Moon universe in general.