─────── 「 THE LOUNGE 」 ─────── The Lounge is an open community open to everyone who somehow found themselves looking for a server on a listing site. Need a friend? More friends? Want to sh*tpost? Share your artistic abilities? Music? We'll be glad to have you! ─────── 「 WHAT WE OFFER 」 ─────── 「•」 Music Lobbies 「•」 Level-up Ranking System 「•」 Experienced Staff 「•」 Populous Twitch Emotes 「•」 Gaming / LFG Lobbies 「•」 Toxic-free Community 「•」 Partnerships (TBD) 「•」 NSFW & Shitposting (18+) 「•」 High-Quality Music Bots (Groovy + Rythm) 「•」 Self-Promotions What're you waiting for?
Outer Heaven is a political shitposting server, we shitpost so hard we get articles written about us. we have channels for nsfw shitposting, guns and war footage, fitness, cars, anime and few nsfw channels. we are the ones that took down HWNDU (server has no political afilliation and majority of opinions and statements are just satire) All are welcome to join,This is a free speech server. If you cant take the bantz,stay out of the kitchen. Anyone and everyone are welcome to come.
A shitposting server dedicated to free speech, memes, and gaming, with active voice channels. The server is still in development as new bots and events are added to the server, but is free to us
Join to learn how to shit and to meet shitters from different regions. Anyone passionate for shitting is welcomed. Hey there! This is an experimental server for now so you are welcome to give your feedback. We allow shitposting and fun but we are quick to take action on any toxicity. You will find your feedback heard loud and clear. As of now, our goals include - 1. Making a friendly and welcoming community for everyone including advertising the server more. 2. Hosting events and giveaways. 3. Providing people with personalised options and spaces. 4. Making a safe place free from toxicity and politics. Join us today!
We accept everyone This is a Shitpost server We also like anime and gaming. We also have variety of channels and roles to choose from
hello! welcome to my newer server? i made a new one since my old one basically killed itself, but welcome to my next gross furry server! [hope you enjoy your stay <3]
The most based ARK gaming meme community on discord.
Hey everybody☺️ Join my discord server! We’re and active community and have a variety of channels, chats for your needs. We have: •Gaming Channels/VC •Meme Channels •Casino Channels •Different Bots •Anime Channels/Bots •Self Roles •Shit Post Channels and much much more! Hope to see you pop by!
Come to the official Schmoobin 13 server! Share memes, talk about pop culture, or just about life!
SoCal Kai and Randypandy invite you to Living with Music! We are a server dedicated to enjoying music, and sharing it with others! We have Amazing things like 💯 A meme channel! 🎵 A music channel, to share your favorite songs! 💋 A flirting channel 😉 ⬆ And a leveling up system! Join today, you'll be welcomed warmly by our staff and members!
SoCal Kai and Randypandy invite you to Living with Music! We are a server dedicated to enjoying music, and sharing it with others! We have Amazing things like 💯 A meme channel! 🎵 A music channel, to share your favorite songs! 💋 A flirting channel 😉 ⬆ And a leveling up system! Join today, you'll be welcomed warmly by our staff and members!
The American Union State is a mix between RolePlay and general Shitposting. The server moderation is a government with Senators and ministers running it. There are political parties and a military to accompany it. Our community is great for you if you like: Shitposting, politics, third position memes, and HOI4 Don't be a syndicalist, and join today!
We are looking for active members! What we offer: ☆ Self assignable roles. ☆ Color assigned roles. ☆ Roleplay. ☆ Memes & Shitposting. ☆ Movie Nights. ☆ Game Nights. ☆ Bots. ☆ Leveling-Up System. ☆ Discussion & Debate Channel. Hopefully we’ll see you soon!
Haven is a server for those who desire something that is a little bit more than a regular discord server. Haven is filled with many big personalities, cute e girls and desperate orbiters. Most importantly... Haven is for the people.
Pessoas com demasiados interesses diferentes que se juntaram numa praça pública online.
» [ Danganronpa! ] is a server with lots of stuff to do for new and old Danganronpa fans alike!
Customizable Community focused server
join for shitposting and chatbots
We’re looking to accumulate folks to create a laid-back atmosphere where we can all just hang out and do our thing. If that’s something you’re down for, we welcome you with open arms. Our server is simply a place to make new friends. There are no plans to allow it to become overwhelmingly large. Just friendly, and easy to talk in!
Hello! We are a friendly chatting server where you can meet other people ! Everyone is welcome :D We have gaming, anime, pets and more chats ! (We also have nsfw ;) )
A hangout for Gamers and Discord's most DANK memers
"we duh cool jhits"
We aim to be the most chill people on the face of the planet, join for free shitposts.
Join for the shitpost name stay for the friends you’ll make
Welcome to Track 44 :wheelchair: Our focus is to provide a place to hang out and talk about whatever, whenever, and to collaborate or shitpost. Feel free to dive into a specific topic inside a channel or have it random and general in the main chats. We give our community members all-access to practical and sweet perks like; -Dedicated Game Servers, if it's hostable, we can host it! -Random giveaways for games, hardware, and anything anyone wants to pitch in. -Your own @track44.moe email address. -24/7 Music Bots and Radio Stations. -Group gaming/watching, and voice parties -Surprise launches like Mastodon
Saite! is a new server i just made. It is dedicated to anime, gaming and shitposting/memes etc.. I am actually looking for mods to help me run it as well. You are also welcome if you just wanna join and become a member of this community ♥
👌A Small growing discord server that has everything you want or could ask for 👈 Everyone is welcome. There's hardly any rules other than being 18 or older. Warning: This server is not a hugbox!
We are a community that was created in tribute of fallen r/OffensiveMemes subreddit! Our server is mostly focused on shitposting but we also got channels for discussing gaming and politics. Everyone is welcome!
gaming, lots of roles, memes, a hangout zone without hookup drama
's good. that's about it
Deutscher Server für diverse programmier- und nerd Themen. Language-Bashing, shitposting und Autismus stehen an der Tagesordnung. Jeder ist willkommen da jede Programmiersprache gleichermaßen diskreditiert wird!
Hey you, stranger, come over here and let me tell you about our server, the Midnight Cats. We are a server that thrives to be a community that houses a large variety of people, with many interests and skills. I (the owner) encourage you to come and join us, so we can become what we always wanted to be.
Liru things that go awoo in the night. Use u7gS6HF if the bot breaks.
Join, or die.
Tech focused community focused on gaming, electronics, and PCs, with community events, group gaming, and plenty of shitposting.