Community | Anime
We are a new community called, "International Japanese Gaming Community" Its a community to help bring together and build Streamers and Viewers who love Japanese games and people who just love Japanese things in general. Please please please come by and support the community, if you are a streamer, viewer, lover, etc! Thank you all!! =D -Support Streamers who love streaming Japanese games. -Support from viewers who love watching Japanese games. -Weeb Emotes =) -Weeb Roles -Love and support from people who like the same thing you do!!
Gaming | Community
The Sea Of Souls is a competitive hangout server based around SMT, Persona and Pokemon.
Gaming | Anime
A server for discussing games, sharing media, and making friends, centralised around the video game series, Persona!
Gaming | Entertainment
A sever for the Persona fandom
Technology | Anime
As of Funerary 2019, we're a new chat looking add more people interested in computers, hardware, networking or anything IT related
Gaming | Anime
This server is all you need for a Persona discord server. We have: -a welcoming community -plenty of fun bots -discussion about the game -fun emotes
Social | Hobbies
Come and hang out! Talk about anything, and make some new friends!
Anime | Community
A place where all anime, persona, smash bros, and aigis fans meet as a community to put aigis in smash!
Anime | Gaming
The Unofficial Shin Megami Tensei cosplay Discord, covering discussion and cosplaying of the Megami Tensei Franchise, including: Megami Tensei Shin Megami Tensei Last Bible Majin Tensei Devil Summoner Persona Devil Children Digital Devil Saga Devil Survivor Jack Series Giten Megami Tensei Digital Devil Story Catherine ...And other ATLUS titles!
Gaming | Anime
This server is for fans of Persona 4. It's meant to be here to socialize and make friends with people who play the same games and share the same interests. The server is very small at the moment but if you think it's cool come and check it out!
Gaming | Anime
Welcome to the company! In this server, we cover many topics, from Fire Emblem to Devil May Cry, and many more. If you're looking for a community, you have one! Join the team today!
Art | Gaming
We are a tight knit community mainly focused on art and gaming.
Anime | Gaming
Welcome to Café Leblanc! If you're an otaku, or just like to talk about anime, manga, gaming (especially Persona) and other stuff, I'm sure you'll love it here!
Gaming | Community
A general hangout place for fans of Nintendo and other third-party franchises like Persona, Kingdom Hearts, Sonic the Hedgehog and Touhou! We have active Smash Bros. Ultimate events and are a friendly anime and gaming community!
Social | Gaming
Persona 5 Emotes, use them with Nitro in other servers
Gaming | Social
Welcome to The Phantom Thieves Hideout! We are a new server that aims to be the ideal hangout for Persona 5 fans. Join today and start discussing the game with the phandom! Everyone is welcome, whether you’re new to the series or a long-time fan. We have channels dedicated to art, gaming, music and more! Are you ready to begin your rehabilitation?
Gaming | Community
Fuuka Yamagishi appreciation
Gaming | Social
Greetings to the Wings of Alaares, a friendly community for those wanting to play and discuss Tabletop RPGs, TCGs, video games, or watch streams or listen to music together. There’s always people looking to chill and play together, and we’re always looking to improve with community days and events in the future. Join today!
Anime | Business
bruh moments and bots
Mature | Gaming
Oi, comrade! We are a currently small server named CSF, or to be more precise, "Confrères Sans Frontières," a general purpose server themed around (but not at all limited to) Metal Gear.
Gaming | Anime
Hee hoy there. JBAS could be your one stop shop for a better life. An all around Atlus related server, from Megami Tensei, Persona and Etrian Odyssey to Vanillaware, Trauma Center or like Mahjong Cub3d if that's what you're into.
Role-Playing | Writing
We are a SFW Multi-series ROLEPLAY community, with the story based in the world of DEVIL MAY CRY
Gaming | Hobbies
Come join us for all things gaming (especially for all you persona fans) or if your not much of a gamer and your just lookin to join for some comradery and good times we do that to Im positive youll find your place on this server in no time :)
Gaming | Entertainment
Just a group of Persona fans, most of us are idiots.
Gaming | Social
A small server that I’m hoping to turn into a place for people to just chill out and be able to play games and talk with each other.
Role-Playing | Gaming
The year is 2017, it's New Years eve. Around the country, people celebrate the end of a great year and hope for the best in 2018. Just as the time is about to change, everything just stops. You awaken upright in a coffin, in the middle of a town called Aridugawa. How you got there was unclear, however... You've noticed the whole town's full of shadows. The date is still the 31st of December, 2017... And with how the clocks refuse to move and the sky stubbornly stays dark, that probably won't change any time soon. ----------------------- Hello! We're a Persona roleplay server set just after Persona 5 which includes all 5 of the games plus Arena. At the moment, we're very new and basically every character from all the games is up for grabs.
Gaming | Anime
Futaba Themed Nitro Emote Server! (Nitro Users Required!) This is not an Official Chatting Server, Is Purpose is for Emotes only to People who Have Nitro That Can Post This Emotes In Other Servers Which is Required To Have Anyone Can Still join!
Streaming | Community
Comunidade de Streamers e Pro Players.
Gaming | Community
Welcome to Jack Frost Cool Club!! A place to chill out with other persona and shin megami tensei fans. Hee ho!!!!
Community | Gaming
A discord server dedicated to Morgana!
Anime | Community
Friendly persona 5/persona series themed server with our own custom made bots!
Anime | LGBT
Accepting, Fun, LGBT-Friendly server for Persona, Danganronpa, JoJo, and other weeb topics where anyone is allowed to be who they want without feeling shy or embarrassed! Active Non-Toxic Mudae userbase with Server Premium 2 and fair trading rules as well!
Community | Entertainment
We are a crew of people who just like shitposting memes and talking about whatever. The server is pretty chill so i suggest if you just want to be apart of a calm discord server where everyone knows each other i implore you to join the server. It's lots of fun i'm sure you won't regret it. thanks <3
Gaming | YouTuber
The Thieves Den is a growing Persona based community. Come join us and have some fun!
Gaming | Hobbies
The official discord server for the Megami Tensei franchise player, modder and fangame community.
Art | Community
A server for persona 5 fans to socialise! ❖ α smαll вut αctívє αnd wєlcσmíng cσmmunítч ❖ lєvєl rσlls tσ rєwαrd чσu fσr вєíng αctívє ín thє chαts ❖ spσílєr chαts sσ thαt nєwcσmєrs tσ thє frαnchísє cαn єnjσч thє sєrvєr wíthσut вєíng spσílєd ❖ vєnt chαts sσ wє cαn crч tσgєthєr ❖ "nєαtσ plαcє tσ chαt wíth pєσplє αвσut pєrsσnα 5" -tσmíthín nσσk