A discord server dedicated to Morgana!
A group of rebels who shitpost and have a good time. This server's not for the feint of heart! 18+ Content. Crazy Voice Calls, Crude Jokes, Custom Roles!
Welcome to Jack Frost Cool Club!! A place to chill out with other persona and shin megami tensei fans. Hee ho!!!!
A server for discussing games, sharing media, and making friends, centralised around the video game series, Persona!
A sever for the Persona fandom
Welcome to the company! In this server, we cover many topics, from Fire Emblem to Devil May Cry, and many more. If you're looking for a community, you have one! Join the team today!
We are a tight knit community mainly focused on art and gaming.
Welcome! Persona 5 - Palace Wreckers is a brand new roleplay server for Persona 5! Come in and play as your favorite Persona 5 characters, interact with fans who share your interests, create OCs and so much more! We are currently accepting canon characters including, but not limited to: ♛Ann Takamaki ♛Futaba Sakura ♛Goro Akechi ♛Morgana ♛Makoto Mijima ♛Haru Okumura ♛AND SO MANY MORE! Drop on in and stay awhile! We look forward to having you!
Welcome to Café Leblanc! If you're an otaku, or just like to talk about anime, manga, gaming (especially Persona) and other stuff, I'm sure you'll love it here!
A general hangout place for fans of Nintendo and other third-party franchises like Persona, Kingdom Hearts, Sonic the Hedgehog and Touhou! We have active Smash Bros. Ultimate events and are a friendly anime and gaming community!
A server dedicated to the persona series , including custom bots and matching themes. We're a laid back group of people just wanting to sit down , drink some coffee and just chill out. Hope you enjoy your stay!
Discord focused around gaming
Persona 5 Emotes, use them with nitro in other servers
Welcome to The Phantom Thieves Hideout! We are a new server that aims to be the ideal hangout for Persona 5 fans. Join today and start discussing the game with the phandom! Everyone is welcome, whether you’re new to the series or a long-time fan. We have channels dedicated to art, gaming, music and more! Are you ready to begin your rehabilitation?
A horror far from the imaginations of the residents of this town would soon come into fruition, words will try to avert the eyes away from the truth and many will follow... but will you? Will you avert a crisis from befalling your friends, family, and acquaintances in such a hopeless situation?
A lovely server for teenagers to hang out and talk! We have a myriad of channels, including a metric ton of video game-themed channels! We're very welcoming to anyone/everyone who wants to join, so noone needs to worry about getting judged!
A new small server for fans of Persona or anime in general.
Fuuka Yamagishi appreciation
Persona: Imperfect Animals is a Discord-based Persona RP, featuring an all new story and location, as well as original characters. A new, strange case has taken Kamakura by storm. People have been having strange dreams left and right, but nobody quite knows why. Players will work together as a Maintenance Crew, both fixing and investigating these dreams through Oneiros, a distorted, dreamy world, parallel to their own. A drowsy baku, Goetian demons and unusual imagery are all things you can expect to find in Persona: Imperfect Animals. •Applying requires no prior knowledge of Persona, and all skill levels of RPers are welcome. However, we can only take a set number of characters. We implore you to apply, even if you're not confident in your chances of making the final cut! The battle system in Imperfect Animals is easy to understand and user-friendly, and us mods are working hard to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.
Greetings to the Wings of Alaares, a friendly community for those wanting to play and discuss Tabletop RPGs, TCGs, video games, or watch streams or listen to music together. There’s always people looking to chill and play together, and we’re always looking to improve with community days and events in the future. Join today!
bruh moments and bots
Oi, comrade! We are a currently small server named CSF, or to be more precise, "Confrères Sans Frontières," a general purpose server themed around (but not at all limited to) Metal Gear.
We are a SFW Multi-series ROLEPLAY community, with the story based in the world of DEVIL MAY CRY
Hee hoy there. JBAS could be your one stop shop for a better life. An all around Atlus related server, from Megami Tensei, Persona and Etrian Odyssey to Vanillaware, Trauma Center or like Mahjong Cub3d if that's what you're into.
Grupito buena onda que habla de Shin Megami Tensei/Persona, entre otros juegos de la querida Atlus. Aunque generalmente, se habla de todo. Si quieres un grupo con quien conversar y pasarlo lindo, no dudes en entrar <3
We are a new community called, "International Japanese Gaming Community" Its a community to help bring together and build Streamers and Viewers who love Japanese games and people who just love Japanese things in general. Please please please come by and support the community, if you are a streamer, viewer, lover, etc! Thank you all!! =D -Support Streamers who love streaming Japanese games. -Support from viewers who love watching Japanese games. -Weeb Emotes =) -Weeb Roles -Love and support from people who like the same thing you do!!
Futaba Themed Nitro Emote Server! (Nitro Users Required!) This is not an Official Chatting Server, Is Purpose is for Emotes only to People who Have Nitro That Can Post This Emotes In Other Servers Which is Required To Have Anyone Can Still join!