Like the land of misfit toys everyone regardless of whatever is welcome here. Gaming and mental health are regular topics here
We're the biggest Sekiro Community on Discord! Talk about the game, share your theories, get help with Bosses and more!
🔥 Welcome to Epic Brawls! 🔥 A place to meet up with and find people in Darksouls for Brawls and Fightclubs. This server is in it's youth made and driven by a couple of Friends whom tend to fight each other to raise their skills and expertise. If you want to participate in this beautiful movement of badassery you might wanna join. Everybody is welcome! \[T]/ Praise the sun \[T]/
Dark Souls PvP Tournament based Server - With over 60 PvP Events Hosted. Also some non PvP-Events. Over 3,000 Total Members. PS4, Xbox & PC. I can also direct you to other SoulsBorne Servers. Active Community Still!
The Bonfire is a community for all Fromsoftware Players. Whether you play on Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Demon's Souls, Sekiro or are interested in the new game Elden Ring you are welcome to join our server! We also hold biweekly giveaways if that's what you're interested in.