Bitch is the largest, most active female-centric community on Discord! Over 23,000 members | 100 Nitro emotes.
Bitch is the largest, most active female-centric community on Discord! Over 23,000 members | 100 Nitro emotes.
Fan server of the best loli kanna but not only that.We have tons of bots and a lot of friendly and nice people to meet and get to know eatchother better.
Galaxy blob emojis for Nitro users
We are a diverse community that discusses anything and everything. Come here to chill, talk current events, or meet people. We have event nights on request. Custom colors and roles.
A Emoji server dedicated to our primates relatives.
Vote for your favourite emojis to determine the best emoji that unicode can offer!
We have new top of the line girl pepe emojis never seen before. Come join and show you're new emojis to your friends.
A random emoji server. Must have nitro to use outside the server.
An emoji server dedicated to Mameshiba. You must have Nitro to use these emojis outside the server. An optional emoji spam and meme channel are available. You must assign yourself a role to have access to these channels.
Come join! This server is made for fun and other stuffs like Bongo Cat emotes! It is still a bit quiet, but over time it will surely change! :3
If you like Mikecore,nightcore, or vrchat. this is a good choice!
Custom emojis with LGBTQA hearts, continents, line-breaks, bullet points, genders, and more to come! Great for server owners with nitro who want to make a self-assignable role menu.
This a server for Sesame Street Emojis for Nitro users.
Hi! We are the verified Molang community server! We have lots of emotes you can use (both common and nitro), and a molang wallpaper bot! Feel free to request emotes you've found that we don't have ♡
950+ member server, come enjoy all our thonk-related emotes!
Just a blob emoji server
This is an emote server meant to provide all 55 OG UNO Cards as Emotes for Discord Nitro Users. Have fun ruining friendships!
"Tea party" is one of the friendliest servers that exist. Our community is based on and for anime lovers, however, a lot of different people find their place in the server. We have a good design, a big amount of channels of various kinds, active and friendly staff members, only well thought-out rules, a lot of bots, and nice emoji. Interested? We recommend you to join and check us out yourselves, you will not be disappointed!
pretty epic join pls
The best place for emotes, featuring: Over 170 emotes/emoji Frequent giveaways Active community Movie nights Anime nights Private Minecraft server Pokecord and lots more.