Community | Beliefs
The objective of this server is to bring skeptics together in a non-toxic community whether it be to have discussions, debate or to just chill. We offer many channels including private ex-theist channels that members will gain access to once they've been in the server for a while. We focus on intellectual discussions but we do have random conversations as this is a community. Infidel means "a person who does not believe in religion or who adheres to a religion other than one's own." This term is often used as an insult but we've embraced it.
Community | Meme
Community | Entertainment
Community server that hosts fun events
Political | Meme
Politics, 4chan, Shitposting, Memes, Free speech.
Social | Community
This is server is made by king for kings
Anime | Gaming
We are a gaming/anime/meme community with most people from the EU. Feel free to join no matter where you are from. NO SNOWFLAKES (the dating tag is a joke) p.s. People will actually talk to you rather than ignoring you like on most servers