A group of rebels who shitpost and have a good time. This server's not for the feint of heart! 18+ Content. Crazy Voice Calls, Crude Jokes, Custom Roles!
A group of rebels who shitpost and have a good time. This server's not for the feint of heart! 18+ Content. Crazy Voice Calls, Crude Jokes, Custom Roles!
A group of rebels who shitpost and have a good time. This server's not for the feint of heart! 18+ Content. Crazy Voice Calls, Crude Jokes, Custom Roles!
Digital Age is a small, active, social chatting server. We have lots of cool people to meet! Member count as of Nov. 27: 17
I will send you a joke. Everyday. That is All. No other bullcrap from other servers. Just a joke Thank you.
The Insane Asylum, a crazy group of people, who formed a community, is a fun, kind and loving community which is definitely a community which raises eyebrows! We have over 100+ emotes to use, so feel free to meme about with our many emotes, as well as use our fun Discord bots!
A nice snazzy server with a bird theme. Post memes, art, chat, 41 bird emojis, active owner and much more! No tolerance for NSFW, Swearing, spamming, and unkindness.
At the time of writing me have 1025 members and 34 bots. We never ever take ourselves seriously and are quite relaxed we welcome you to join our server with a semi shitty community of losers and crackheads
Real VengefulProgram Discord server! If you see a blond haired chick her name is Natalie and it is totally normal
꧁ ༄ Welcome to S.S. ℳercy ༄ ꧂ You want a community which gives you the most friendliest benefits and awesome experience. That right there is S.S. Mercy. Allow me to accommodate you with what our server has to offer. ➸ A very active community. ➳ Admins to help you with any questions or concerns. ➸ Chatting server with currently only 64 members, hopefully within time the numbers will change! ➳ Special Channels for interaction. ➸ Gaming / Memes / Content / Music. ➳ Special role for Discord Nitro Boosters! ➸ Now accepting Sponsorships! (With Special Sponsorship Role!) - DM Owner for any questions or concerns. ➳ 24/7 music & fun activities. ➸ Custom Emotes. ➳ NITRO BOOSTERS / SPONSORSHIPS = SPECIAL PRIVILEGE. ➸ VIP Sever Partnerships! 。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 || Join now 💘 || Invite ⁑ https://discord.gg/JSKkv7p
roleplay in anything!!! Jojo. my hero academia, attack on titan, MINECRAFT!!! and a channel to suggest new roleplays and roleplay events happening
Join A New server dedicated to having fun and Keeping you updated on many topics around the world. This server is for 18 and older only. We do a variety of activities and are involved in many projects. We have some awesome bots 2 of which are Including the ability to play Pokemon and search info and pictures plus many New features being installed weekly. We will be Implementing a pokemon league with giveaways and tournaments, an elite four and gym leaders , auctions, and much more on our Partner server MPE PokeLeague before this christmas 2019.
Welcome to the big leagues, son.
Chill fun place to hang out and make friends, super active community with giveaways and not strict rules!
For the game The World of Magic. Other games are supported as well!
:radioactive:GamersWasteland:radioactive: Hello there ! This is a gaming community that I have created and I’m trying to make it so everyone can enjoy the server ! I’m looking on everyone’s suggestions so the server can be as good as possible. The servers is very friendly as well and if there is anything just ask the owner or the helpers they always respond! here are some things you will see when you join. ☢️Gaming chat ☢️Memes chat ☢️Cool roles ☢️Find temmates chat ☢️And more ! Thanks for taking your time to read this!!! So join today and help this community grow. see ya on the server!
Active server with over 2,000 members! A server originating from a Youtube channel, we are welcoming new members to join and be part of our community. No need to be a fan of the group, just join the server and we can hang out! Be kind and follow the rules and it’ll be okay.
A meme server with the aim of collecting memes from all around the internet and rating them...
Our cool Discord just so happens to be the coolest Discord around. Freshly made server, hoping to grow bigger and help you connect to your people. Fantastic chat rooms such as: Absolutely Gaming (VC), Apex Voice Simulator (VC), Fortnite but it's some random fucking event (VC), and more! we hope to make this Discord your home and most used Discord because we're just that cool.
Pie guy is an epic server We have epic people Come to make friends!
Hello!! We are a new and growing friendly community! Everyone is welcome! We offer •Events of all kinds •Anime and gaming channels •NSFW Channels •Hard working staff that keep the server safe :D Join us today and become another great addition to our growing community!
Ein überwiegend deutscher Server mit sehr verrückten Leuten, die gerne zusammen Spiele wie LoL oder Overwatch spielen. Perfekt um neue Leute kennenzulernen ;)
Meme Hub is a special place where us bois can chat and get along with each other, although this server mainly goes for them good Memes. Here in Meme Hub, we send the good memes and have a chuckle and all, we even have some NSFW memes if you are a big boy/girl, as well as we have voice channels were if you wanna game with others or just discuss about anything, you guys can join the voice channels to chat and have fun. we will host some events which can include votes, games, tournaments, etc. We do hope that you guys can join have fun in the server and have a good laugh at the good old memes.
Welcome to Jojo's: Fighting Spirit. In our server we have tons of cool things you can do. And we're starting soon! if you join now you can be one of the first people to join!
Hello friends want to join the Rejekt Commune ? we have • Bottled up emotions • Shitty jokes • A hairline to die for
This is a nice server guys ok so join XDDDD
We are a discord server that is super active and is very active! We have a support team to answer your questions! Lot's of active admins.
Its time to join the cheesiest cult you ever seen...
Hello everyone and welcome. This is a server for talent contests and youtube/twitch content. we will take on any recommendations for the server so be sure to join and have a goooooood time
Active 2:1 Female Male Ratio Gaming Aesthetic
We're pretty much a bunch of people who are chill... tbh most just server mute and let the server die therefore I am putting up this server on this site, I want more members and would like to get to more people. Server is also used just for Youtube/social media promotions.
A chill meme discord from @shronky on IG not many serious rules beside bullying and hate speech and spamming have fun lol :)
Snek's Den United is a place for people to make new friends, to have fun, to hang out and play games with them.
A place to chill, Hangout and talk!
A meme channel Have fun be cool
A meme channel Have fun be cool
World's End is a public discord server that focuses on gaming and so much more!