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Gaming | eSports | Community
We are your gaming Discord server!?Still playing CS:GO or other games alone?..?Qmistry knows how annoying it is to play with 'RANDOMS' ?
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Qmistry ❘ CS:GO ❱ 16+ Icon
Gaming | eSports | Community
We are your gaming Discord server!?Still playing CS:GO or other games alone?..?Qmistry knows how annoying it is to play with 'RANDOMS' ?
Shinundakara Icon
Anime | Art
A art / animation sever for people who just wants to make cool looking shit and get better. This server full of degenerate weebs that only speak in anime quotes. Happy New Year
The Gamers Playground Icon
Gaming | Meme
a discord playground
Beany's Haunted House Icon
Furry | Art
Mystery Inc. Gang Icon
Furry | Art
furry anime weeb SFW NSFW art commissions hangout friendly accepting art
Tooth and Nail rp Icon
Role-Playing | Writing
Tooth and Nail is an Expressive roleplay server focused on Freedom be who You want to be and forge your own story!
The Kingdom Of Blep Icon
Community | Social
A place for most people to fit in
furry_not_irl Icon
Furry | Gaming
Small server for Furries to hang out and have a great time meeting new furs!
Lunar Heaven Icon
Anime | Community
──────── ⋆⋅୨୧⋅⋆ ──────── ₊· ͟͟͞➳❥ Welcome to Lunar Heaven, a small wholesome server looking for wholesome members for an overall wholesome time. We strive to create a safe and welcoming community for people of all ages, backgrounds, genders, etc. Join us today! We can't wait to meet you ♡ .⋅ εïз ⋅ self assignable roles .⋅ εïз ⋅ LGBTQ+ friendly .⋅ εïз ⋅ active staff .⋅ εïз ⋅ non-toxic community .⋅ εïз ⋅ venting channels .⋅ εïз ⋅ community events ──────── ⋆⋅୨୧⋅⋆ ────────
Furry General Icon
Community | Entertainment
Furries! And... Um.. stuff.
/egirls/ Icon
Community | Gaming
Server for gamer girls, made by gamer girls.
Paw Beanies Icon
Furry | LGBT
Hello! Welcome to "Paw Beanies"! ^w^ We are a new growing server, so we would really appreciate it if you could join us! here you'll be able to hang out,have a good chat, make friends and of course have fun! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ We offer: - NSFW channels (includes NSFW RP, must provide ID to gain access) - Art/Commissioning channels - Gaming channel - Hobbies channel - Programming area to show off your nerdy skills - Music channels (Where you can talk about music and share music, but we do have a music VC too!) - A roleplay section - introduction channel (for both you and your fursona) - Active staff willing to help you with anything you need - Movie nights - Events to bring the server together any suggestion to improve the server will be welcomed! ^-^
Rust Furries Icon
Furry | Gaming
We are aiming for Rust Furries to be the number one home for furries who play Rust.
Crypto Signals - Krypto Kings Icon
Crypto | Investing | Community
21k Members! Operational Since 2018 ?! Join the absolute best crypto signals discord to learn how to use and trade cryptocurrencies successfully! We litterally have *everything* and more.
Crypto Signals - Krypto Kings Large Banner
Crypto Signals - Krypto Kings Icon
Crypto | Investing | Community
21k Members! Operational Since 2018 ?! Join the absolute best crypto signals discord to learn how to use and trade cryptocurrencies successfully! We litterally have *everything* and more.
Kirin's Corner Icon
Community | Meme
A server for Cat Lovers, And Any Community! We are open to anything, and everyone! We have Dank Memer, OwO, Dyno, Yagpdb, Mantaro, Phone Booth bot, And more! This is a small server, But that doesn't mean we can't make your day a little better!
The English Furs Icon
Hello There! We are a Really Darn Small Furry Discord Server! We offer: > Minor safe Channels (100% of the server) >Dank Memer, RPG Bot, And Unbelivaboat. Oh! and Pancake. >0% NSFW >Voice Chats >Music Bots
Suzuki Sushi Bar Icon
Furry | Entertainment
A server that offers a relaxed, fun place to chat and interact with other furries and pokefurs. Aiming for members that are well-mannered, active and fun. Our goal is to create a place where you can be yourself and still have fun. We hope that you are interested to join us. On the server we feature chats for general talking, rp, different medias and mature content.
The Expansionist Empire Icon
Role-Playing | Art
Welcome to the Expansionist Empire! This is the third Expandia that was created with the same reason the second one was made. This is mainly an inflation server, but a lot of kinks are accepted! We offer: Roleplaying rooms.. Art sharing.. Roles.. and a 'growing' community!
Changed: The New World Icon
Role-Playing | Art
Hello There! Welcome to the Page of Changed: The New World ! We are a 100% SFW Changed Roleplay Server, That's not Raider Friendly. If you haven't played the Game yet, You definitely Should! And Remember, Don't get Transfurred! The Lore: It's the year 2018, 2 years after the Virus Pandemic Began. Lots of Humans have Either been A) Killed off due to The Virus, or B) been 'Transfurred' into Goo-Like Animals, Or More Commonly known as 'Latexes'. Once Transfurred, The Host will lose Memories, Most Likely. The Mind May Be Assimilated, If not, The Host Will Have Control over their New Body. Sometimes, If Your Lucky, You'll not be Assimilated, Just Spit back out of the Latex, Fully Transfurred. What do we Have to offer? - A Friendly (and really small) Roleplaying community for all levels. - Furries - Dank Memer - Unbelievaboat - Sheri Blossom - And all SFW RP Scenario's!
Aspen Civilization Icon
Role-Playing | Furry
Casual RolePlay focused on a post apocalyptic world. Welcome to new roleplayers and new alike! Friendly staff and players. Ceta, the name of the new center of known civilization, a shining beacon in the wastes. Its location is within the spacious grasslands, close to the wild and thick woodlands to the west, and approximately 20 miles away from the nearest ocean, through the grasslands to the east. Up north through the grass leads to more desolate and sandy areas of the desert wastes. Southwards runs along the border of the grasslands and woods, towards mighty mountain ranges.
Entertainment | Furry
you vibe here sample text
TheriAnarchy Icon
Beliefs | Social
TheriAnarchy is a server based around Therianthropy, although we are inclusive of all forms of spirituality. We have separate categories for Plurality, Witchcraft, General Spirituality, LGBT, and Pups 'n Furries. We have music Rhythm, Gaybot, Witchcraft Bot (unofficial name), Furry Bot, mee6, Tupperbox, and Unbelievaboat. You aren't REQUIRED to read our rules to be in our server, but even if you don't, you will be responsible if you break them. You should read them. We are family friendly when it comes to sexual topics, porn, and such, but we don't condone supersensitivity. Cursing and talking about topics that aren't explicit are allowed. You don't need to be anything listed above to be here, just don't bring hate to our group- Enjoy your stay here!
Rodinia Icon
Role-Playing | Anime
Welcome to Rodinia! Here, in this fantasy world, you can do tons of stuff! We are a small community, but we have high hopes that it will get bigger and bigger! This is what we have to offer: #1: Self-assignable Roles! #2: Friendly staff! #3: Lax rules! #4: We are LGBTQ+ friendly! #5: We have Bots! (and will add more if suggested) #6: A huge area to Role-play in! #7: We allow all charaters, even if they are OC or Canon
Furstralia Icon
Furry | Community
Tired of drama? Tired of lewd? Looking for some place to fit in with friendly furs? Then you've come to the right place (I know this is cliche but shhh...) With a no nsfw policy, this place is the safest fur zone in the southern hemisphere! My site: [click here!](https://fireflash.info) has more links in case this one doesn't work for whatever reason (and also other links to my stuff!)
Furry Haven Icon
Furry | Community
Hello! Welcome to Furry Haven! This is a new server, and we're trying to make it grow! We accept furries of any kind, we don't discriminate. Have fun, make friends, and even roleplay (moderately)! We hope you enjoy your stay!
Chunky Stunky Stinky Munkee Icon
Community | Hobbies
We r da stunkiest server u have eva seeeen!
TheJournalino Icon
Bot | Entertainment | Education
Looking for Gaming leaks? Stocks? Criminals? Anything else? I got you! You choose the topic, I deliver news. Yes, it's that simple.
TheJournalino Large Banner
TheJournalino Icon
Bot | Entertainment | Education
Looking for Gaming leaks? Stocks? Criminals? Anything else? I got you! You choose the topic, I deliver news. Yes, it's that simple.
Biggest Discord Server! Icon
Social | Gaming
Hello! We are a new server trying to be the biggest server on discord! hope you join! :D
The Fallen Stars Icon
Role-Playing | Art
This story is about cats… living in a terrible, deadly, uninviting world. An Apocalyptic one to be precise. All of them have lived their lives… sorrowful or jovial, cut short or lasting… but it has come to an end. All of you have died. But… to your surprise - you open your eyes once again, but do not find yourself in heaven, paradise or reborn… but in a dark void, with other cats just as confused as you, yourself. A creature then tells you that you cannot enter the afterlife. Why? … Because you are Half Spirited. In the end the creature makes a pact, if you and the others complete 5 trials and get to the end, you will be allowed to enter Paradise, but if you will not… then you will parish and nobody will even remember that you ever placed a paw on this wounded land. “It is now Your choice. Will you accept the challenge, mortal?”
Solf Hangout Icon
Anime | Gaming
Solf is a chill server to talk about anything you want, music, anime, or whatever else
n u n c h i . 눈치 Icon
Community | Furry
A small, close-knit community focused on having fun and supporting each other. All people welcome.
Pastel Furs Icon
Furry | Community
A fun furry server to chill and have fun!
Rivers Cuomo Icon
Music | Furry
We love Rivers Cuomo, lead singer of the American rock band Weezer.
Mångata Icon
Community | Education
Ayyyy Lmao
Gaming Furries Icon
Furry | Gaming
Welcome to Gaming Furries! This is a server where you can find other furries to game with and talk to. We have suggestion boxes so you can help Improve our server! Come join our server! NSFW: We have an ID verification system for anyone who is over the age of 18 years old that wants access to NSFW
Pie Guy Icon
Meme | Furry
Pie guy is an epic server We have epic people Come to make friends!
0utcastFamily Icon
Furry | Social
Welcome. This server has no purpose. It is just a place for cool people to chill.
Furries Dream Escape Icon
Furry | Role-Playing
Welcome to Furries Dream Escape! All 18+ furries, scalies, otherkin, nekos, and those who just enjoy the communities are welcome!
All Day Efurry Day Icon
Furry | Community
Welcome to All Day Efurry Day [eFurry or ADED], the ONLY virtual furry convention that lasts 24 hours, 7 days a week! All the fun of a furry con, right in your own home! And you can never miss it!
Lonely Icon
Community | Social
Why be Lonely alone? Let's stay connected with each other. Make new friends, voice chat with others.
Lonely Large Banner
Lonely Icon
Community | Social
Why be Lonely alone? Let's stay connected with each other. Make new friends, voice chat with others.
The Den Icon
Furry | LGBT
Furry Community and LGBTQ+ welcoming.
Mori's Pumpkin Patch ? Icon
Anime | Gaming
DISCORD FOR COSPLAYERS, ANIME LOVERS, COSPLAY LOVERS, GAMERS. We are always looking for fun active people to join. We have game nights, movie nights, calls, video chats and more. Come and show off your cosplay or advice for a cosplay in the works. Look for your new gamer buddy. We are a very supportive fun group. Thank you Moriko.
US Furries Icon
Community | Furry
We're one of the largest and most active furry servers on Discord, established in the summer of 2017. US Furries, sometimes abbreviated to simply "USF", is not only for Americans, of course– everyone is welcome! We offer venues to display art and advertise commissions, both serious and casual general chats, gaming chats and groups, and a wonderful, inclusive community! Come hang out!
The Fur Tree ? Icon
Furry | Community
- We provide general talking areas, channels for art posting, several voice-chats, rooms to post memes and have some fun with joking around or roleplaying, places to talk about yourself, your issues or just to make a rant or vent about what bothers you.
The Fluffstop Icon
Furry | Gaming
The Fluffstop is a place for all your gaming needs! A server which is for anybody from any walk of life, whether you are a furry, like anime, are a competitive gamer, or all of the above! 100+ members and and active and dedicated staff!
Wild Woollies Icon
Community | LGBT
Hello there, thank you for looking at the Wild Woollies discord server! We offer lots of fun things to do such as: fun bots to play with, lots of chats and voice channels for you to enjoy, a nsfw channel for the adults, a minecraft chat for the minecraft server that we own, ranks for people to earn or buy, and of course a friendly community! We also have a server suggestion channel so if you join and wish to see something, let us know there! We hope to see you all in the server ♥ (The server is 13+, if caught underage, you will be removed from the server)
Life Filled Wonderland Icon
Furry | Community
Life Filled Wonderland is a server in which plenty of people can join to hang out! The server is mainly Furries and Pokemon, though others with reasonable profile pictures are allowed in. We're a hang out spot in which has plenty of activities, bots and people to talk to! We have several things for everyone! -Art channels to show off your art!~ -Nsfw channels (Which are given to those who are of age and responsible) -Gaming channels for all your gaming pleasures! -Voice channels to talk with friends and listen to music in!~ -Tons of amazing people to talk to!~ -Specific colour roles of your choice! -Rp Channels! -And much more!~ We hope you consider joining! We'd love to have and meet more wonderful people who may come by!!!~~~
Chill Cove X Icon
Anime | Social
Loving anime community.
The diagonal miners Icon
Furry | Community
UPDATE: more reaction roles coming soon! Welcome to the diagonal miners, a friendly server that's (slowly) growing, and we would really enjoy your company! We are a general hangout and furry server for furs and non-furs alike! We accept everyone (except raiders of course...)! The server includes: -Roleplay -Reaction roles (more coming soon!) -Friendly staff -Rythm, the music bot -and much more! Don't be afraid to come on in, and don't forget your pickaxe! ;3
The Rainbow Den Icon
Furry | LGBT
This server is for ALL furries
Voxel Paws Icon
Furry | Social | LGBT
This is Voxel Paws - a brand new social hub for furries and anthro-enthusiasts alike. Our mission is to build a friendly, welcoming community where everyone is valued equally. It's nothing fancy, just a good ol' friendly server.
Server much? Icon
Furry | Community
This is where you know that I know when this server is called server much? you and I know it’s a sever.
Koma Cafe Icon
Anime | Emoji | Community
? 500 Anime Emotes & Stickers ? Active Chats ? Giveaways ? Events ? Anime & Manga? KPOP ? Gaming ? Social ? Genshin ? Art ?
Koma Cafe Large Banner
Koma Cafe Icon
Anime | Emoji | Community
? 500 Anime Emotes & Stickers ? Active Chats ? Giveaways ? Events ? Anime & Manga? KPOP ? Gaming ? Social ? Genshin ? Art ?
Coffee House Icon
Art | Furry
___________Come in and Espresso yo'self!______________ ???? ????? ?????? ??'?? ?????: Coders, Inventors, 3D Constructors, fursuit builders, LGBQT+'ers, Curiousity wanderers.. and more. ...??? ???? ?? ???: ??? ?????? ???? ??? ???? ?? ??
ZGF Gaming Icon
Gaming | Furry
We are a gaming community built on friendship, fun, and tolerance. All that are friendly are welcome!
P a n d a  L o u n g e (Beta) Icon
Anime | Entertainment
「 welcome to :: Panda Lounge・:panda_face: 」 ・panda lounge is a community made just to hang out and have fun ・we accept anyone and everyone here ・reading forward is optional, but keep in mind that rules are in place warning :: if you can’t handle strong topics or swearing, we suggest this isn’t the server for you 「 contents :: ・staff ・channels ・rules ・invite
FurDen Icon
Community | LGBT
Welcome to FurDen! We're a small but friendly community of furries open to everyone. If you're looking for a nice place to make friends come and give us a try! We are LGBTQ friendly and 16+. I know the logo is a bit messed up, it was a bug that happened on the website.
Flight of Dragons Icon
Furry | Social
Flight of Dragons is a friendly roost of friends and would love to add more to the list :3 A lovely place for everyone to play games, roleplay, share art, find artists, discuss topics but most importantly meet and make new wonderful friends. With our very own mascot, Techie :>
Party of Scales Icon
Furry | Community
Hello there fellow blood of the scaled kind! We invite you to the Party of Scales Discord server. We have quite a bit of stuff for you to enjoy, such as art channels, a game party request board, meme chats, a cross server chat, and much, much more for you to enjoy!
The Salmorphis Universe Icon
Furry | Community
Come and join The Salmorphis Galaxy, home of the new species named Salmotis. We'd love to turn this server into an active and dedicated place for fun chat & roleplay. Feel free to share your art too. We have a server suggestion channel along with age & colour roles. The Salmotis is a synthetic animal species that can communicate telepathically, share thoughts within it's own mind network, install mods that can change it's individual abilities, and more. Also, the Salmotis have a fantastic ability where they can transform into anything they touch. If you'd like to find out more about this mysterious new species, join us and have some fun! We look forward to meeting you. The species is a sfw species!
The Furry Club Icon
LGBT | Hobbies
A very small furry discord server. We want you to join our server so we can grow. The server is a little inactive but all the more reason to join!
The Last TDI Clone Icon
Role-Playing | Community
The only place where you have the power to influence the server's decisions, without fear of powerful moderators ruining it. Join today!
Dank Farmer Icon
Entertainment | Meme
This server is mostly for gambling fake currency using dank memer. If you think this server is missing something, leave us a suggestion!
Beowulf's Plaza Icon
Furry | Social
Hey, we’re Beowulf’s Plaza or The Plaza and we would really love to see you around! We are quite a new server which is slowly growing an active and welcoming community. We have several fun and useful bots as well as over 20 different channels to chat, talk, play games, share art or listen to music in! Alongside future community events and customisable roles, name colours and ranking system! What are you waiting for? Come join us by the fountain!
LGBTQ+ Nation Icon
LGBT | Gaming
We're a slowly (but not for long) growing LGBTQ+ community friendly discord server! We accept everybody, we have get-roles and our own roblox server.