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💵 Daily $100+ Free-to-Enter Cash Prize Poker💰The Most Innovative Gambling Community💵 Giveaways 🎰Gambling Streams ⚔️Exclusive Games 🤖Custom Bot 👑Ranks 🚑General Degeneracy📱 Exclusive App in Development 🌐Dedicated Website Coming Soon
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GambleVerse Discord Server Banner
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Gaming | Community | Crypto
💵 Daily $100+ Free-to-Enter Cash Prize Poker💰The Most Innovative Gambling Community💵 Giveaways 🎰Gambling Streams ⚔️Exclusive Games 🤖Custom Bot 👑Ranks 🚑General Degeneracy📱 Exclusive App in Development 🌐Dedicated Website Coming Soon
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Furry | Community
Flooforama is a friendly & accepting furry, LGBTQ+ Community. Created by the aspiring content creator @tuckerhusky Flooforama is a Place where you are free to be yourself, Artists can post commissions, you can interact with Baxter :3, Roleplay, show off your fursuit or just chill in general. Eventually we will be running giveaways and hosting movie nights, fun activities and more. Flooforama is also an online Furry Retail shop in the making! keep your eye on the announcements!
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Art | Furry
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Furry | Hobbies
We here at Paradise Edge are a Furry Based Community, if you or someone you know is a Fan of the Community or is a Furry themselves please join us, We are a safe space for the Community and are welcoming to anyone who is a Supporter of the Community or is part of Community, We are for Furries by Furries. Join us today.
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Furry | Community
A cozy warmth and the smell of freshly-baked cookies envelops you as you step foot into the den. "Welcome Home" -Luki A fully SFW server dedicated to furs, made by furs! Welcome home, all!
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Furry | Community | Social
The Fluffy Palace is a furry server with a wide variety of things to do, and people to meet! Tons of custom roles to make you unique! Giveaways and an overall friendly atmosphere to talk in! We look forward to seeing you there!
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Social | Art
Дискорд-сервер "Меховая стая" всегда находится в поиске веселых и общительных морд. В отличие от костяка аналогичных серверов, наш предназначен для морд от 16 лет и нацелен на взрослое и адекватное общение. У нас уже нашли свой дом множество талантливых творческих морд: художники, музыканты, сьютеры и программисты. Регулярно организуются сходки, игровые турниры и разнообразные конкурсы с интересными призами. Специально для сервера был написан свой бот, обладающий массой уникальных функций, не имеющих аналогов. От тебя же мы ждем лишь соблюдение устоявшихся правил нашего коллектива и уважение окружающих. Сервер постоянно растет и развивается, и мы будем рады, если именно ты станешь частью нашего дружного коллектива.
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Furry | Art | LGBT
☆ Floofy Infinity ☆ Welcome to Floofy Infinity, a new furry server! We're a safe server for all furries and non-furries alike, so come and join if you'd like! Here is what we have to offer: ~ ≻────────────────≺ ~ ☆ 100% SFW only server ☆ LGBTQ friendly! ☆ A large variety of roles for you to claim! ☆ Verification/Anti-rading system to protect our members! ☆ A leveling system where you gain new roles the more you send messages! ☆ Organized Channels ~ ≻────────────────≺ ~
?Kass bee's hangout? Icon
Furry | Art
Furry group chat for artists and furs to hang and chill, you can share art, chat about life, play poketwo and even commission local artists
FurryGamersUnite Icon
Gaming | Furry
Safe place for Furries to come together and hang out . This is a 18+ server only and it is for those who are furries and those who like furries. This is a drama free server. This is as well a gaming server for those who play games. LBGTQ+ welcome.
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Furry | Art | Community
Are you looking for an artist to commission? --- Are you an artist looking people to commission you? -------- Then click this for information! FCC is a Discord to find many amazing artist with a few clicks!
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Art | Community
A tiny new discord server centered around a more broad community, we accept furs, non furs, artists, non artists and all other sorts of hobbyists! Simple rules and simple roles so it's not overwhelming or takes forever before diving into the community! Our lovely mascot Edric Vanthir is the OC of one of the owners on this server and we have our own verification and ticket bot that's themed around him!
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Furry | Art
FurUnion🐾 The FurUnion server help people get to know other furries better, but not only, it was also designed to originate and implement your ideas, make something together from music, drawings, programming codes, 3d models and much more. Inside this server there are channels made especially for all this, giving you the opportunity to play video games with others and join the discussions. Come join a new furry server with others and make furry art together. FurUnion It is a great way to make friends, share ideas, and make new furry friends. Share with your friends this server, help us make it grow -You can share your ideas -Your art -Your skills for coding and more... FurUnion Website
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Social | Community | Gaming
Active community with over 100,000 members for anyone looking to make friends and hang out! We host regular events, podcasts and giveaways!
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e-Chat Lounge Icon
Social | Community | Gaming
Active community with over 100,000 members for anyone looking to make friends and hang out! We host regular events, podcasts and giveaways!
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Art | Furry
A server dedicated to myself, that will be used for artist advertisements. Streaming from other artists, including myself, may occur as well as events as the server grows. The focus on art here is not only humanoid and human, but furry art as well.
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Furry | Community
Welcome to the Furball Café! We have many things to offer, that include:  ☕️Wonderful and loving staff.  ☕️Small and café-like atmosphere!  ☕️Server currency which you can purchase custom colors and channels with!  ☕️A non-judgmenetal community in which you can enjoy yourselves in! (ノ ◑‿◑)ノ We would love to have you, come join today!
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This is a furry hangout discord server that focuses on talking to other furries, sharing art/memes/media/etc., and much more! Join today!
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Furry | Anime
Hello! This is a server where furries can express themselves and freely chat and hang out with each other :3
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Art | Furry
You search for a place to: view art? post your art? chill with people? Visit us and possibly stay for longer >:3
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Furry | Community
♥FluffyIsland♥ About: We Are a Snugz Supportive Server We Welcome Everyone Even Non Furries With Open Arms~ We Got Tons Of Arts, Giveaways, Economy Games And Wholesome Hugs To Give Out~! What ya waiting for come join ya goober *hugs* ♡FluffyIsland offers you♡: The ability to earn money by being active or buy full art comms and discord nitro by earing coins! A semi SFW, LGBT-Friendly and welcoming environment. An easy to navigate Server Layout. Tons of Personalization Roles. Server XP and fun Economy games. Art help and sharing channels. Art advertisement channels. Transparent & humane moderation. Raider protection. 24/7 Lofi radio with tons of vc for music and other vc abilities! meet cute gamers, And plenty more to offer~ Expanding in ideas and growing with the community We value all our members the same, you are just as important as everyone else.
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Furry | Community
Looking for a fun furry group?💖 Yes? Well...come on join fluffyFursuiters! A server just for the furries in the furryfandom! Our discord server is friendly and super welcoming! We are always looking for New members to make the server even more fun and active. Our goal is to have 500+ members! **please read the rules right away once you joined!** **13+ server** this server features category’s like! 1.Furryfandom🌸 2. Art (contests and draw user above!)🌷 3. Bot area🌺 4 many chatting places!🌹 5. fursuit share and sale💐 6. Many roles!🌼 7. and so many more!🌻 ✨Our server is a safe place for everyone!✨
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Furry | Art
Plasmic🛸 ☄️:・゚✧:・゚Introduction:・゚✧:・゚🌌 Welcome to plasmic! A fun and chill server biased around the furry fandom with a nice space and forest theme. Our server is 13+ and very welcoming! We are also a very fresh server looking for new furries to join! 🌲:・ ゚✧:・゚What we Offer:・゚✧:・゚🌲 Art category that includes channels like: art share, dua, animation, art tips and help, and much more! Furry fandom category that includes: fursuit share, fursuit making, shop advertising, and much more!
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Art | LGBT
We're looking for partnerships !! ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* a kind community for artists, animators, adoptables, musicians and commissioners alike! beginner-friendly ~ ༶•┈┈୨♡୧┈┈•༶ what we have to offer !! ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ Art tips + a critique channel!! ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ Art Hall of Fame!! ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ Commission and self Promo channels!! ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ Different type of art channels ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ lgbt+ friendly ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ working on monthly contests and art/character giveaways ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ art games ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ welcoming community ‿‿‿‿‿‿‿‿‿‿‿‿‿‿‿‿ what are you waiting for? Join today!
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Furry | Art
A discord server for furries and non furries, Lgbtq and Alterhuman friendly, You can chat with awesome people and post your beautifull art here and meet new people, You also can visit and explore our channels and feel Supported.
The Fox Den (Furry Discord) Icon
Furry | Community | Hobbies
A friendly, open furry community that's all about providing quality and quantity. We're the biggest Furry Server on Discord with over like a hundred bajillion users (Squared)!
Puppy Playtime! Icon
Anime | Furry
An LQBTQ+ friendly chatting and image sharing server for puppies, furries, therians and welcoming to all. Remember to be kind, compassionate and caring to everyone!