Furry | LGBT | Art
We're a relatively small group of furs and non furs, dedicated to community and having a great time! :)
Furry | Art
Just a general art, games and anime related furry discord server ! Its a lot of fun and a safe space for LGBTQ+ c: Here you can - share art and talk about your characters - play and talk about games - gush over anime - just have a great time Everyone is welcome ! You need to do an intro before u can access all the channels tho^^
Community | Furry
Welcome to Mitchie's Furry Community! This Community is for Furries and also Non-Furries! This server also has the following: Art, Gaming, Voice Channels, and also Roleplay!
Community | Furry
So you are probably wondering what we are all about well... The Shadownights Kingdom Is a new and amazing furry discord server with a very friendly atmosphere and very friendly staff. So if you feel interested we would love to have you in our Kingdom
Community | Furry
A server full of fun where everyone is welcome. We promise you won't regret joining us!
Furry | Art
Lots of talking, calls, Art, NSFW, fursuits, 12- friendly environments, JOBS, role play, bots, and more!
Art | Furry
A place for artists, furries and gamers to meet and hang out with people who have similar interests!
LGBT | Furry
This is a server of acceptance. We will accept you however you are. The staff here is really kind and they do they're work. We accept everyone no matter if you are a furry or an LGBT member we will accept you.
Community | Social
🔵🔴 The Floof Zone! 🔴🔵 The Floof Zone, a new Discord server made for anyone and everyone, no matter what gender, sexuality, etc.