Community | Role-Playing
We are a community that tries to fucos mainly on ABDL and making everyone whether or not you are ABDL, DL, AB DDLG, fur, LGBTQ+, gay, transgender, straight, bisexual or whatever! This is an safe place for you no matter who you are ★We have and offers★ ❤️Lovely and good members and a fair bit active place 🤖Fun bots 🎭Lots of roles and an entire and unigice server leveling system with is optional for people to use 💬A bunch of channels both normal and roleplay ★What we are looking for★ Staff, role manager, partnership manager and partnerships with others Be yourself as who you are💟
Community | LGBT
Want to be part of a new LGBTQ+ oriented server? Well Aborted Fetuses is here for you! Everyone is welcome! (We also game)
Anime | Gaming
Solf is a chill server to talk about anything you want, music, anime, or whatever else
LGBT | Entertainment
Heya meine lieben bunten 🏳️‍🌈 ❤️LBGT sowie LGBT Furry/Anime liebhaber oder allgemein Leute die bunte Freunde suchen sind herzlich willkommensparklesheartein neutter neuer deutscher Server Seid ihr auf der suche nach neuen Leuten möchtet reden und Spass haben dann kommt vorbeit und schaut reinsparkles >w< Wir freuen uns auf dich🏳️‍🌈
Anime | Art
Ill let you to do what ever you want unless you enjoy yourself i just want everyone to feel welcome into our server!
Role-Playing | Entertainment
This is a roleplay that will contain gore, LGBTQ+ and mature content. Tupperbox will be use and we ask that you maintain a semi-literate roleplay (2-3 sentences atleast). You will also be making your own oc.