Nest & Stable is a small 18+ community for Bronies and Furries. We have a friendly community, active staff and dozens of fun channels.
One of the oldest and largest furry communities on Discord. Featuring over 3000 members from all walks of life. Welcoming community brimming with life and awaiting your contribution to our ever-growing family. We have channels for art, games, roleplay, chatting, various interests, and more risque channels for your NSFW lewdies out there. Come say hey!
World Of Fluff is a server for furs and non furs to come and hang out. We have tons of chats including art channels, music channels, and much more! Stop on by if you want to chill out and have some friendly chatting! :)
This is a server for Naomi the Snow Leopards (MelodyTheFolf) Twitch! Anybody is Welcome to join!
Welcome to The Furry Kingdom, where everyone is welcome. First things first, we are a new server and we are looking to grow. We have: - A range of channels from roleplay to gaming - A secure verification system to ensure user safety - Suggestions channel for you to tell us what you want to see in the server - Staff positions are open (Applications coming soon) - Bots And much more to come as the server grows, come on down and join us. Everyone is welcome.
we are a fur friendly discord server! Anyone is welcome to come and chat about whatever you want!
Are you looking for a smaller server where you don't have to struggle to get a word in? If you are The Furry City is the right place for you. Come on down and join our community today!
Small server for Furries to hang out and have a great time meeting new furs!