Furry | Gaming | Community
Scalie related server with a juicy NSFW section and our very own events and giveaways!
Community | Furry
This server is for furs and non furs alike! We have: -Self-assignable species roles (even a supporter role for non-furs) -Music channels -Memes -SFW specialty section -Can commission artists under the "commissions" channel -Staff introductions -9 bots -A place to talk about politics and religion behind a role -Roleplaying section -And a place to vent
Furry | Gaming
Small server for Furries to hang out and have a great time meeting new furs!
Furry | Role-Playing
Welcome to Furries Dream Escape! All 18+ furries, scalies, otherkin, nekos, and those who just enjoy the communities are welcome!
Furry | Community
Hello there fellow blood of the scaled kind! We invite you to the Party of Scales Discord server. We have quite a bit of stuff for you to enjoy, such as art channels, a game party request board, meme chats, a cross server chat, and much, much more for you to enjoy!
Community | Furry
Hello and welcome! This server is a hub for all Scalies alike. We strive to keep an diverse and accepting community free from discrimination and Hate. We have channels ranging from all sorts of topics such as writing, art, roleplay as well as even D&D. Before joining, please read the community guidelines, also known as the rules.