A nice place to hang out and find out information for various gaming systems in tabletop while catching up with friends and making new ones.
An RP that takes place within the Fairy Tail universe but without canon characters. It has its own, ever expanding plot. Its own villains. But don't worry, here you have the ability to not only create your own characters but also work on custom magic as well. You can create and direct missions with friends or other RP partners! See your character grown, develop, fight and experience hardships so they can become stronger and maybe even reach S-class! Come and have fun in our main story or join a mini arc! (We don't have character limits here!)
A recently created roleplay server about the HBO series GoT. The roleplay takes place after season 1. - Lots of canon characters to choose from - OC's allowed too! - A lot of chatrooms - An active and friendly owner - Talkative community - Self roles
Welcome to The Elder Scrolls: Prophecies of the End This is an Elder Scrolls based roleplaying server. Based 100 years after the event of Skyrim; here you can make original characters and roleplay with them as well as watch other roleplayers (or by yourself if you want to) or you could discuss about TES. There are some emotes too as well as a suggestions chat where you can suggest to the admins on what we can improve on or change. We have a good staff team and we have fun bots like Yggdrasil and Unbelievaboat and we have the music bot Rythm. In this RP; people are free to create characters with canon spells and powers but also allowed to create characters with non-canonical abilities like pyrokinesis and cryokinesis as examples.
In this dungeon, you will find everything you need to prepare for your next adventure. The purpose of this dungeon is to help new adventurers join the hunt, and to inspire veterans to try out some new tactics. This dungeon has been enchanted with powerful magic, causing it to adjust to the needs of adventurers over time. So if anything changes, Do not worry. Now, stay safe. Oh, and try to not bleed on the furniture. It was recently stolen from the nearby nobles. All hail the Xanathar.
Sanctuary for dragonkin!
This server is to host a gathering of folks who want to play DND in VR for free!
Hi! I'm not sure if you will read this but if you do. Welcome to our Wings Of Fire Family. We are extremely happy and friendly environment. Here we support each other and have fun roleplaying as well.
The Impact Gaming Community is multi-game community currently serving PC gamers across various titles. We are a group of semi-hardcore players who have gathered together under a single banner to game together and build lasting friendships! Each of us has a passion for gaming and we are always looking to expand our ranks.
Welcome to Berk! We're a small, friendly HTTYD server that focuses mostly on the Dreamworks series and it's game School of Dragons. We have cool emojis and plenty of awesome artwork. All are welcome! (NSFW free)
We do lots of things and stuff. Bring Pillows, the Pillow God commands it.
This server belongs to the Puzzle and Dragons YouTuber, RandomHyperONE인환. It exists to promote his videos and other content and to provide a place for his friends and fans to socialize, discuss the game, and much more! It features a tight-knit and welcoming (if not quirky) userbase, many game Discord bots, and more!
We are a discord server created by a group of friends to promote and facilitate the wonderful world of TableTop Role Playing Games among all skill levels.
Large server with multiple campaigns and RP sessions.We play DnD (5e mostly), Warhammer 40k, Hyperlanes,Pathfinder Looking out for more tabletop systems to run those too. Join For stable experience and consistent games, events, oneshots, tournaments and other fun stuff.*NEW*Giveaway of Nitro every month!
An Ancient Chinese themed scalie server
The CLiCK is an interactive community for those that enjoy pet sites, breeding sites and more! Finding friends that also enjoy playing these games can be hard, especially when they're not well known! Not having anyone to play a game with makes it less fun, so here's to enjoying the games together!
Fantasy roleplay server between 3 nations on Stroi Flen. Consists of political, action, and casual roleplay. Currently small due to hiatus, but working to get off the ground again.
Cult of Borderlands is a DND server based in the borderlands universe there is an economic, lev eling, and political system. There are DND matches home brew every Friday at 5 cst. Everything is explained in more depth in the server rules. So if you like DND and borderlands join the CoB today.
We have: - Social RP, Events and Quests, You choose how to roleplay. - Rank System - A pleasant environment to make friends
We are a small growing SERVER dedicated to DRAGONLOVERS and ARTISTS from all over the world who like to share their stuff. We focus on keeping active members and our moderation team is online 24/7. Feel free to join! You will have a lot of fun!
A fantasy roleplaying server based in a snowy environment! We try to have fun, seeking more members and staff at this time!
A realistic dragon roleplay