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This world, Wecht, has 32 similarly sized countries, these countries were once at conflict due to lack of resources. It simply wasn't enough to share the resources out equally, countries did nothing but quarrel over who deserved what and why. To prevent an inevitable war, an allied government was formed between the countries, and their solution to the problem of resource shortages was decided. Every 2 years, each country would submit a team of it's finest, smartest, strongest, most agile residents between the ages of 16 and 18 inclusive into a year-long tournament bracket. Battles would pit two countries' fighters against each other to test their skills in combat, puzzle solving, strength, perseverance and more. If your team wins a battle, your country is moved onto the next round. If your team loses, your place on the bracket is finalized Where your country ends on the bracket will designate your countries overall share of the planet's resources for the next two years.
Role-Playing | LGBT
We are a discord server created by a group of friends to promote and facilitate the wonderful world of TableTop Role Playing Games among all skill levels.
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🌠🌠🌠 Minecraft Dungeons ITA è la prima community italiana dedicata completamente al nuovo dungeon crawler annunciato da Mojang.🌠🌠🌠 🌟Il nostro obiettivo è quello di riunire tutti i giocatori interessati al gioco per poter condividere esperienze e conoscenze. Vogliamo creare un ambiente sereno e utile per tutti. Entrando nel nostro server discord potrai trovare: ✅ tutte le FAQ di Minecraft Dungeons tradotte in italiano; ✅ piccoli spoiler del gioco; ✅ notizie riguardanti gli aggiornamenti; ✅tutti i requisiti ufficiali per poterci giocare tradotti in italiano; ✅ e molto altro. 🌟🌟Vieni a trovarci! 🌟🌟
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Pepeshia is a text-based, Pepe themed discord RPG. Currently open for alpha testing (giving free loot for those who join early :) )
Community | Entertainment
Greetings ! Our server has PvP, Survival, Dungeons, Custom mobs, Economy, GUI Shops, Land claiming, Player market, One of the best anticheats and of course a custom BLOOD plugin for a more realistic experience ! Language spoken : English.
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20% Mystic ranting, 10% Grung worshipping, 5% Complaining about monk, 40% complaining about D&D, 20% shitposting, 5% helping new players, 12.5% advertising.
Liam's & Cohoidons Public Discord Server. We host giveaways, grind hypixel skyblock and to have fun with other people and our community! We would love to do dragon fights with you and to grind with you guys! I'm really looking forward to meet you guys and to help you guys out!
Gaming | Community
Dungeons Maniacs provides you the best dungeons carry service with top players and top quality experience. It's cheap and affordable, best for new Hypixel Skyblock Dungeons players. Enjoy your stay!
Gaming | Hobbies
A nice place to hang out, find out information for various gaming systems and play some D&D. Catch up with friends and making new ones in a game or our West Marches in the server.