Art | Furry
Fan-server of GoldenGriffiness, professional furry artist and home to the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon comic: Shackles of our Pasts
Community | Role-Playing
If you are of draconic descent, you may consider yourself welcomed. Otherwise, you have little reason to come further. Those who are of the scaled ilk, here you will find a community-based server for feral dragons or dragon-related creatures.
Community | Furry
~~Tons O' Furs~~ (Started 19th of May) This server is fairly new but is growing fast :3 we hope you join our little community and make some friends, we have our own economy and bot for you to play with ^w^
Furry | Community
Hey there! Fur Zone is a primarily furry community welcoming any new members, or anyone who wants to join. We are relatively new and are constantly progressing the server. It would be fun to have you with us, so why not join?