Clan Azúcar[LOL] [Scum] Icon
Community | Streaming
Discord y microcomunidad donde podras jugar a League of Legends y scum en compañia. Este es mi canal de Twitch, Agradezco mucho los follows
Pingew's Stream Server Icon
Gaming | Streaming
Overall just a chill place to hang out and watch me game.
Omlet Arcade - Brasil 🇧🇷 Icon
Entertainment | Community
Este servidor foi feito para a comunidade de streamers do Omlet Arcade, uma plataforma de gravações ao vivo, para Mobile, iOs, Windows +7
Servidor de la Comunidad FLK, Usada principalmente para promover contenido del canal de twitch y a la vez sede de nuestro servidor de Role Play en Five M.
Minty Soft Café Icon
Gaming | Community
The Café offers a variety of things for its users besides just stream notifications, gaming related chatter and socialization. We offer roles for announcements so that you are only notified about things you care about (very few @everyones). We offer roles to put together groups that you are welcome to ping so it's easy to play your favourite games! We have channels for posting your favourite music, your art, memes, etc. We have a channel for specifically game related discussion, so that you can have in-depth conversations without it being interrupted! We are slowly adding to our emotes list, and are open to suggestions. Our rules are structured and our staff are always friendly and willing to help. On top of this, we are accepting of everyone assuming you're friendly and follow our rules! Consider this your haven for whatever hobby you may have or friends you want to make, regardless of if you like gaming or not! Hope to see you there!
Resistance Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
You can do many things here in the Resistance discord server. This includes games like: -GTA5 -Fortnite -Pubg -Ring Of Elysium -ARK -Rust -Roblox -State of Decay 2 -Minecraft We have giveaways too, some of these are account giveaways, and role giveaways. We also have some streamers in our discord too.
🔥The Super Vengeful Army🔥 Icon
Community | Gaming
This is the Discord server created by RealVengefulPaul, the leader of the Super Vengeful Army. This Discord server has everything. From the general chat to asmr, from roleplaying to art, and even from talking about games to self-advertisement, and so on and so forth, everything that comes to mind is there. Wanna be notified and on the know about streams being live and videos being posted? Then this server can do so, as everything works in real time. There's even a NSFW section for the ultimately daring, however keep in mind that the section is reserved for people 18 and over. With all that out of the way, this server is open to the public. However... Do remember to follow the rules. Door's open for you. Join the Super Vengeful Army today!
Gamer Religion Icon
Gaming | Meme
Hi hi gamers,John Wick needs your help and the only way you can do something is by joining this server,but this isn't just any server. of course we have rules but trust me you're pretty free upon joining here you just need to have a little common sense. This server is new but we plan to do on weekdays,a few members wanting to make a Minecraft lobby for our server,the owner streaming whenever he wants to make a new 3D model of something in blender (ill take requests for free as of now),and hopefully when enough people play the same games we can do party related stuff in it. We have a fairly sized variety of fun bots to use in this server and plan to add more when requested. Nitro boosting this server will get you anything you want as long as its a rational choice (eg. Custom role or a channel made for you and can be made for only you to see). This doesn't seem like such a bad server so if i were you id obtain that grain.
Pingew's Stream Server Icon
Gaming | Streaming
Overall just a chill place to hang out and watch me game.
Chill Gamerz Icon
Gaming | Streaming
A chill gaming community for players and all kinds of people. You can hangout make friends find groups, or if memes are your kind of thing we have that also. What you'll get when you join you'll have music channels, gaming roles for other channels, ranking systems, and so much more! We are small but we have put so much work into this server already that it feels like a big community! So what are you waiting for? Come join chillgamerz!
League of LegendsLive Icon
Gaming | Community
Read welcome for rules. Enjoy the streams!!
SatanReaper's Den 😈 Icon
Gaming | YouTuber
Dental Surgeon | Gamer | Ex-Moderator @vainglory Discord | Ex-CMO @EZL_Official | Ex-Staff @VGPROgg | Leader @royalrosesvg Global Guild | Owner @MagnificGaming
econgreg's Astronomy Hub Icon
Science | Entertainment
An astronomy hub centralized on the streamer "econgreg" who regularly hosts live astronomy sessions on twitch.
Empadinhos Icon
Community | Gaming
[PT-BR] O nosso servidor é focado na interação e diversão dos membros, oferecendo a melhor forma para isto: Organização e carinho , para que cada detalhe seja o melhor. Temos um sistema incrível de NAÇÕES E CLANS. Bot Próprio. SALA DE DIVULGAÇÃO PARA SERVIDORES E STREAMS TAMBÉM! CAMPEONATOS SEMANAIS.
Nerd Nation (ArkDK) Icon
Gaming | Streaming
Nerd Nation is a discord server that specializes in doing gaming, streams, and chat sessions💬. We are open for more people to come and hang around, join streams to talk and join for some gaming. 🎮
The Den of Gaming Icon
Gaming | Community
Videogames of all genres, streamers, friends, and community gamers.
KuchenTVs Discord Server Icon
Streaming | YouTuber
Wir haben einige Voicechannel, die sowohl auf Gaming als auch auf normales Miteinander ausgelegt sind. Zum chatten bietet sich der shittalk, gaming und medien Channel an und für Vorschläge und Kritik gibt es den feedback und den vorschläge Channel!
Chill Corner Icon
Anime | Social
The Chill Corner. A server to socialize, send memes, talk about anime, with occasional streams. We even have LFG if you’re looking to play with other members. Feel free to join up and say hi!
The Cloak Community Icon
Growth | Streaming
A welcoming, positive community that wants active members and a good time with everyone!
Broadcasters On Twitch Icon
Streaming | Community
Broadcasters On Twitch is a community servers for content creators on Twitch, Here we help to support each other, share our audience and ideas to help improve each others broadcasts. Please feel free to stop by and checkout what we're all about and if you have any questions or problems then by all means contact me directly @ Wolfie™:feet:#1615 .
The Pillow Fort Icon
Social | Streaming
The Pillow Fort is a Discord community for a team of Twitch Streamers! The fort is forever growing so please, get comfy and cozy up~
ZRE - {ZombsRoyale Events} Icon
Community | Gaming
ZRE is a fun esports community where we do giveaways for nitro and compitions for nitro :0
Gavdoesstuff's Community! Icon
Community | Entertainment
We do fun giveaways and are kind to each other! If you have any questions pls ask we are more then welcome to responding!
GavDoesStuff Community Server Icon
Community | Entertainment
fun community :) we have dank memer, owo, and more! We also do giveaways and I ping for my livestreams also
🔮Bunny's Bitches🔮 Icon
Community | LGBT
I just wanted to make a server to get away from the toxicity of most servers on discord, I wanted to make friends and have fun, join us? ~Bunny <3
Thev's Server! Icon
Gaming | Community
Very fun and small community looking to grow with span of members everyday!
The NineTales 🔥 Icon
Streaming | Social
¡Bienvenido/a a Team Ninetales! Un servidor de comunidad. Este servidor está controlado por 3 personas, las cuales las 3 stremean y comparten con su audiencia sus streams en este servidor. El servidor tiene muchas cosas especiales que los caracteriza: - Staff responsable que siempre estará respondiendo tus dudas. - Comunidad agradable que está dispuesta a conocer nuevos usuarios. - Servidor ñoño, es decir, otaku y gamer. - Tenemos un número grande de bots con los que podrás utilizar junto a los demás usuarios. - Somos un servidor con una gran diversidad, que acepta a todos los usuarios por igual. - Le sabemos al Shitpost. ¿Qué esperas para unirte? ¡Serás cordialmente recibido! Recuerda ser activo/a y sociabilizar con los demás miembros. Espero la pases muy bien aquí.
Hockey Chat Icon
Sports | Entertainment
🏒 The world's largest hockey Discord server! 🏒 😮 Thousands of fans from the US, Canada, the UK and more countries across the globe! 📡 Join live game channels with realtime score updates and more. 🔊 Voice channels for every occasion. Sports, gaming, whatever! 🔔 Opt-in to game notifications sent right to your DMs. 🆔 Team roles for all 32 NHL teams. Show off who you support and gain access to channels just for fans of your team! 💵 Place virtual bets (with points) and compete with other server members to prove you're the best at predicting results. 📺 Quick access to live NHL streams. 😂 Memes and fun for everyone! 🤖 This server supports SportsBot and is part of the Sports Network Alliance.
Gamers Icon
Gaming | Emoji
We are a community of gamers. We play games, have game bots, we also host movie nights and GIVEAWAYS. Join us and make some friends!
Lotus Icon
Social | Gaming
Welcome to our server! Some things to do here are... Find people to play with, movie night/streams, do karaoke, discuss certain topics.