Furry | Community | LGBT
Furry Concord is home to a diverse community that is welcoming, loving, and accepts everyone for who they are. If you want a place that isn't toxic nor fast-paced, here is the perfect community! While it isn't the "largest furry server", we still try our best to keep all members happy! We care!
Furry | Community
Welcome to the Furball Café! We have many things to offer, that include:  ☕️Wonderful and loving staff.  ☕️Small and café-like atmosphere!  ☕️Server currency which you can purchase custom colors and channels with!  ☕️A non-judgmenetal community in which you can enjoy yourselves in! (ノ ◑‿◑)ノ We would love to have you, come join today!
Furry | Community
we are a fur friendly discord server! Anyone is welcome to come and chat about whatever you want!
Art | Community
Furbuilder's Studio is a server dedicated to giving new fursuit makers the resources and discussions they're looking for.
Furry | LGBT
This server is for ALL furries
Furry | Social | LGBT
This is Voxel Paws - a brand new social hub for furries and anthro-enthusiasts alike. Our mission is to build a friendly, welcoming community where everyone is valued equally. It's nothing fancy, just a good ol' friendly server.
Community | Furry
Welcome to The Rainbow Den, a growing server for anyone 15+
Furry | Social
Hello and welcome to the bird's discord Who is bird ? Bird is an actual fursuiter who basically wear fursuit with a 43k people following him Want to know more about him ? Just join his discord ! don't worry he don't bite ;)
Furry | Gaming
Hello, and welcome to the Star Fur Society! ━━━━━ This server accommodates for all, especially furries though! This is for furries mostly, especially gamer furries. This server was started on October 6th, 2020, with the help of every owner. ━━━━━ This server has many channels, a generic furry server of course, but lots of gaming channels for those who game! ━━━━━ ˚☽ Friendly staff and community, willing to help out whenever needed ˚☽ Fun bots, giveaways too! ˚☽ Customization for activity in server ˚☽ Weekly game pings from one of our owners and much more! Stop by and join the space community, SFS! -You will not be let in if you haven’t verified within 24 hours-
Furry | Social
Furcomunity, um servidor brasileiro com foco principal na comunidade Furry! Além de furries aceitamos otakus, roleplayers, gamers e artistas