Furry | Community | LGBT
Furry Concord is home to a diverse community that is welcoming, loving, and accepts everyone for who they are. If you want a place that isn't toxic nor fast-paced, here is the perfect community! While it isn't the "largest furry server", we still try our best to keep all members happy! We care!
Furry | Community
Welcome to the Furball Café! We have many things to offer, that include:  ☕️Wonderful and loving staff.  ☕️Small and café-like atmosphere!  ☕️Server currency which you can purchase custom colors and channels with!  ☕️A non-judgmenetal community in which you can enjoy yourselves in! (ノ ◑‿◑)ノ We would love to have you, come join today!
Furry | Gaming | Community
Welcome To Furry Humor! Furry Humor is a place for new friends and jokesters alike, We love a good sense of humor and down to earth personalities! Our server prides our-self on user freedom and freedom of speech! The main portion of our server is SFW but we do have NSFW sections, Age verification.
Furry | Community
We are a server comprised of furries local to Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, California and British Columbia, though we welcome anyone from anywhere too! This community is centered around being a friendly place to hang out and chat, and meet new people or organize online or in person events.
Art | Community
Furbuilder's Studio is a server dedicated to giving new fursuit makers the resources and discussions they're looking for.
Furry | LGBT
This server is for ALL furries
Furry | Social | LGBT
This is Voxel Paws - a brand new social hub for furries and anthro-enthusiasts alike. Our mission is to build a friendly, welcoming community where everyone is valued equally. It's nothing fancy, just a good ol' friendly server.
Furry | Social
Hello and welcome to the bird's discord Who is bird ? Bird is an actual fursuiter who basically wear fursuit with a 43k people following him Want to know more about him ? Just join his discord ! don't worry he don't bite ;)
Art | Furry
A server where you can meet new furries around the world but we are very small at start, there art, fursuit image. Feel free to join and check it out but gotta introduce yourself due to scammer and trying to avoid other people who just being disrespect
Furry | Art
We are mainly a server for furry artists but all furries are welcome, and even non-furry artists are welcome to join and share their creations! You can share any art, whether those are drawings, fursuits or sculptures!