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Furbuilder's Studio is a server dedicated to giving new fursuit makers the resources and discussions they're looking for.
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Partnerships opened! Join if you would like to partner (more info in the server!) New feature, Economy! More info in the server ^-^ Icon base: Banner base: Hello! And welcome to The Floof Squad! We are a friendly furry server that accepts all people! Including non-furs and furs! We are also a LGBTQ+ friendly server! We are very strict about keeping our server SFW so the server is family friendly! We have loads of channels, including "Don't break the chain", "Counting", "Roleplay", and many more! We also have loads of self assignable roles to express yourself! We also have a commision channel if you would like to commision and/or be commisioned! (Commision channel is new). We hope you enjoy The Floof Squad!!