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Welcome to Phoenix Airlines! Our goal is to serve the world while being the most realistic Airline! We are based in Heathrow, London. We are one of the largest and most active communities in GeoFS, and both train and fly with members from diverse areas. Join with the World, Join Phoenix! Become a p
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Delta Airlines GeoFS is one of the largest operating Virtual Airlines that is based around the flight simulator "GeoFS" but now supports many others. Join today and fly the many beautiful skies as a pilot.
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Formerly GeoFS Pilot's Group, this server is much the same. This is the server I use to stay in touch with, and to fly and record with, others who also enjoy the multi-player aspect of flight simulation.
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Join the PLAAF today! We accept everyone, both noobs and veterans! Chill atmosphere! Train and fly among the best! Secure, friendly community! Bots, Memes, Fun! Open to suggestions! Direct Democracy! Have your say! Base roleplay! Growing community! Automated virtual food delivery! Many allies! FOBs all over the world CRP welcome! UN and AWN recognised! And much, much more!
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RioAir is a new airline based in the browser flight simulator GeoFS. Our main hub is based in the Salt Lake City International Airport (KSLC) in Utah, USA.
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🎮Talking about gaming channels 🤖Our own discord bots 🖥️Our own website (Beta) 🛒We selling server VIP 👨Active Owner! Need Mods!