Hallo und willkommen auf New Life RP Ich bin jemand den GTA 5 RP schon immer fasziniert hat, und deshalb habe ich mich entschieden einen eigenen RP Server zu gründen, ich suche also Leute zum Aufbauen des Servers und zum Roleplayen -Was ich euch bieten kann: -Ein Server Grundgerüst (ist noch nicht fertig) -Jemanden zum guten RPEN -Jemanden mit FiveM erfahrung Meine Pläne für die Zukunft: -Modded Autos -Custom Blips auf der Map -Mehr ESX Plugins Also ich hoffe wir sehen uns: https://discord.gg/jF87UtK
This is a FiveM based discord.
Terran Gaming Veterans is a community of PC gamers, largely English speaking, spanning across the globe. Our community and our affiliations have grown in recent years. We're now offering a discord server. Simple rules, little restrictions but administrated. https://discord.gg/JR3NBwW
ABOUT: WolfamisGaming is a streaming channel dedicated to bringing rich, high-quality content for people to view, for free. Some examples are: Tutorials, lets plays, gameplays, commentary, reviews, and much more! The channel will always be improving. Milestones will come with special events and new
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Welcome to Aqua Deals, U need some Scripts , MLOs or other stuff for ur Server? than join our Discord Server!
Welcome to Aqua Deals, U need some Scripts , MLOs or other stuff for ur Server? than join our Discord Server!
Welcoming the most cheapest gta5 recoveries discord server.
This discord is our hub of information, announcements, and our wonderful roleplay Community.
GTA V Car Meetings Worldwide official discord server. Also check out our PlayStation Community: GTA V Carmeetings Worldwide. Which has 100,000 members.
Der Server bietet ein wirklich abwechslungsreiches Banksystem. Man empfindet uns, als Hilfsbereit, sowie sehr organisiert. Des weiteren sind unsere Supporter Nett,Wir bemühen stehts viele neue Sachen in unser fortlaufendes Geschehen einzubinden.
We are a FiveM community looking to be different and provide a different experience for the users. We are mainly a roleplay server with the intent to explain into anything else if possible.