popheads is a community for pop, kpop, rap and hip hop fans! We talk about music and stuff. LGBTQ+ friendly server with color roles available to everyone. 1k+ members
A place where hip hop fans can talk about anything
Community based around underground artists (non hip hop is accepted) to help with collabs and feedback / just making friends!
The biggest Young Thug server on Discord, and a very active place to talk about all things hip hop! Come chat with very welcoming people about one of the best artists in the world!
Have fun
Howdy! Welcome to the Lil Nas X Discord 🤠. A little community for people who like lil nas x. get notified whenever Lil Nas posts something on twitter/youtube and hang out with us 😊
A server for fans of $uicideboy$ and G59.
Discuss your favorite genres, artists, and self made Electronic Music!
Server for discussing and sharing music. All genres of music are welcome, and we have a welcoming community knowledgeable in all sorts of them. We also do weekly "listening parties". Members of the server choose an album they'd like to share with others, and we all listen to the album together.
Friends, artists, music careers, sports fans, and gamers. Welcome all and enjoy everyone presence
a hybrid chat, music, and nsfw server where you can find quality entertainment, music discussion and all around fun.
World's Hottest Music Source
Home of the real niggas.
A discord server with 24/7 music of all genres!
The Minaj Kingdom is a fanbase server dedicated to Nicki Minaj fans across the Discord platform. We provide updates on our queen with tweets, chart data, and daily updates on her personal life. The server includes a level up system, allowing members who join to achieve roles at a certain level. A primary goal of ours is to have fans of Nicki to join, hangout, and have a good time together. We aren't that strict on rules, but provide a safe community for every one of our members!
A general music server influenced by Frank Ocean. We have a live radio show broadcast monthly named Futura FM
Server for finding new songs and artists ! Theres channels for most main genres and if you hear a song you like you can post in its genre channel. & look in the channels for new music. We have a vision of an amazing place for people to share and find new music! Come & help start a music paradise