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We want to provide users an experience, we want to bring them nostalgia of when PS Home was still around.
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Welcome to my home! This is official, by the way. This is where you and everyone can have some fun in here! This server will probably have more bots, and more! Enjoy! (This server has cooperated with LuckyServer, bunker.jpeg (now defunct), BloxDonalds, Bus Simulator, Bus Stop Simulator, and Bus Community. If you wanna learn more about these, hit me up at EdwardBloxy#7579.)
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this is a server to hang out if you are bored
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That's the remake of Discord Family since this server got deleted. Yet it's a kinda cute server with many possibilities and a great place to make new friends. Be part of the reunion. :)
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This is a community for all sorts of people. We offer a place where people can chat, talk, vent and play games with each other!
LGBT | Community
Lots of active staff to keep the server safe, and active members!
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The NBO (New Bro Order) is an open community of bros looking to expand our new empire. Gaming, Late Night Vc's, and Real Talk, all things you can enjoy at the NBO. Anyone is more than welcome to join as long as you're open to the bromocracy. In bro we trust.
Community | Mature
Not much but a lounge, vinyl records occasionally played with car and computer talk.
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〻🥀 K-CAFE ༄ is a Multi-Fandom K-Pop server where you can express your love for K-Pop and be yourself without the fear of judgements. Non-Kpop fans are welcome here as well! 🍒 safe and comfortable 🍓 fun daily activities 🍎 non-toxic, sfw, friendly and lgbt+ friendly 🧨 fun server events 🎈aesthetic server themes ❤️ nice and caring staff
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Hello! This is a house for everyone, everyone gets a room, you can request specific rooms as well!! Enjoy!
Community | Anime
Welcome to Family, here we are an active and friendly community that are active and supporting of all. We can't wait to meet you! Here we have the following: Verification Giveaway's Movie Stream's And much more being added regularly Text channels for: Chatting Sending Memes Bot Games Pet Pictures Art International Chat Voice Channels for: Gaming Talking Music
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Hey! Are you an Anime or Gaming fan? Yes? Cool then read this advertisement! I want to invite you to my discordserver! It's called **The Real Otaku Home** The Real Otaku Home is a place for otakus to meet new people, play games together, talk about animes and much much more! We are always open for improvements! If you are interested in joining the server you are always welcome! Some informations short: Name: The Real Otaku Home Created: 03.02.2021 Owner: <@509357837453885440>
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We as a server are mainly focusing on Over Watch and League of Legends! The server offers U many more fun things to do in our server!