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Ein deutschsprachiger Community, Social und Gaming Server mit angenehmen und nicht toxischen Mitgliedern. 🌸 [Deutsch/German]
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Café Velasten [Deutsch/German] Icon
Gaming | Community | Social
Ein deutschsprachiger Community, Social und Gaming Server mit angenehmen und nicht toxischen Mitgliedern. 🌸 [Deutsch/German]
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Seja bem vindo ao servidor não oficial para a comunidade de Genshin Impact brasileira! Venha ver notícias, tutoriais, conversar sobre Genshin, fazer amizades e mais! Estamos esperando por você!
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hey there traveller! we are the GENSHIN IMPACT server ╔═════☩══ ══☩═════╗ 1.we are a gaming server, so play with us 2.We do live every night where we watch anime series chosen by you, and on Sundays we watch an anime movie 3.We always publish manga of your choice, including extras 4.We don't want anything in return, it's all free and we do it with pleasure, then if you want to contribute you can boost the server, but we don't oblige you 5.If you want to watch something and you have new proposals, just say them and we will put them on 6.The most important thing is mutual respect, we are a pro lgbt, anti-racism, feminist and friendly server. HAVE FUN :-D
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A Genshin Impact and gaming community with: Exclusive giveaways, builds, guides, challenges, memes, events and more!
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Community Genshin Impact Server~ Custom Emotes - Chill People - Genshin Coaches and Carries to help you out :) Free Nitro Events~
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A new Genshin Impact community server! Join and chat with our amazing community!
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Serveur communautaire Genshin Impact Français ! Venez rencontrer et vous amuser avec des centaines de personnes sur ce jeu ! Vous êtes créateur de contenu ? N'hésitez pas à demander un partenariat. Nous avons toute une équipe à votre écoute, qui sauras vous aider en cas de besoin. A très vite sur Genshin Impact !
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❖ Мы развиваем самое большое сообщество по игре Genshin Impact. ❖ Качественный Discord с огромным количеством уникальных ботов. ❖ Новости, поиск игроков, сливы обновлений. ❖ Ответы на вопросы и жалобы при помощи системы тикетов 24/7 ❖ Отзывчивая администрация и приятная атмосфера ❖ Лучшие и не токсичные игроки
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this server is for genshin impact new game that came out sunday starting a community where you can make friends and help other players out with boss fights and Abyssal Domains and Ley Line Outcrops. also if you are new to the game or just a low rank you can ask some of the high ranked travelers that are in the discord for help. you can be in any region to join the community. dm me on discord if you interested Aercadia#3808. the server is 1 day old and there is 100 active member to chat with to play/get help from. hope to see you all there
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Genshin Impact Romania
Gaming | eSports
Serveur discord Genshin Impact [FR] Rejoins-nous !
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We’re an active community of wrestling lovers and rp lovers alike. Would you like to join a friendly community where we have general discussions about everything from movies to music to general chat? Wrestling knowledge not needed. This is an open invitation for any and all to come join us.
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Next up, WWE Extreme Rulesand AEW Fight for the Fallen! Join for great discussions about wrestling, sports, music, video games, politics, life! We are a chill community! We have giveaways, jukebox, trivia, WRESTLING OBSERVER LIVE!