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BTS music, chat, memes and more and talk about other kpop groups u like to listen to
Community | Community
Are you an ARMY? Do you support BTS? Are you just getting into the fandom? Well, this server is just for you then! This server is small and just starting to grow, but we love having new people joining! We have organized chats, nice staff, monthly events, lovely members, we accept the LGBTQ+ community, and so much more! We hope you join us today in BTS CAKES! Have a good day/night!
Community | Music
Join! Looking for admins/mods MUST BE BTS FAN
Music | Social
BTS english speakers server, 12+ age members. We accept multifandoms. We have bots, we play games, watch shows together and more. every ARMY is welcome and if you want to know more about BTS we can help you.
Music | Entertainment
A BTS server.
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Heyy ~ Ceci est un serveur communautaire. On peut y discuter, jouer et rp ! Vous aimez la kpop, les anime ou n'importe quoi d'autre? Vous savez que vous pouvez venir !! Cyaaaa