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BTS FAM Open to all ARMY and anyone else who likes/loves BTS The server is fairly new, so I would love to have more ARMY to join! We are LGBT+ Friendly! We have many roles to choose from! Many self-assignable roles! Most friendly channel you will come across! Many different channels, many cool bots and more! :sparkles: Hope to see you all there!:sparkles:
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Do you love Taehyung? Would you like to share your love for Tae with other Tae fans? We are a level 2 boosted server that is extremely cozy, chill, and welcoming! It's the kind of place where everyone knows each other and you can make genuine connections <3. We also have lots of cute Taehyung emotes
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♡ Hey everyone! this is a server for people who love BTS and want to share their passion with others. ♡ ➜ Channel for each member ➜ Picture/Gif channel for each member ➜ Ship category for popular shippings ➜ Korean study channel ➜ Memes, Links, Music, Album, Concert, K-Drama, Art Channel ➜ Bias and Shipping roles ➜ Safe environment, attentive staff ➜ Updates on BTS social media ➜ Games, Song Quizzes Be sure to stop by to see for yourself and maybe even make new friends, support each other and enjoy the time, have fun with BTS. ♡ We purple you ♡ [English speaking server, SFW]