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Welcome fellow Army! This server is for everyone who enjoys BTS music and wants to share their passion with others. Be sure to stop by, maybe make new friends, support each other and enjoy the time with BTS. ♡ A few things of what we provide: ➜ Attentive and alert Staff (safe environment) ➜ Updates on BTS social media ➜ General and Picture channel for each member ➜ Ship category for popular ships ➜ Lots of channels i.e. Korean studies, Art, Games, Memes etc. ➜ Bias and Shipping roles ➜ Games and song quizzes ➜ Nitro Boosters can choose their own role colour* ♡ We purple you ♡ [*it shouldn't be too hard on the eyes. Something soft would be recommended] [SFW, 13+, Partner friendly]
Smile is a SFW friendly community. Chill, Chat, Make friends or more! KPop or Non KPop, come join! ♡
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BTS FAM Open to all ARMY and anyone else who likes/loves BTS The server is fairly new, so I would love to have more ARMY to join! We are LGBT+ Friendly! We have many roles to choose from! Many self-assignable roles! Most friendly channel you will come across! Many different channels, many cool bots and more! :sparkles: Hope to see you all there!:sparkles:
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Do you love Taehyung? Would you like to share your love for Tae with other Tae fans? We are a level 2 boosted server that is extremely cozy, chill, and welcoming! It's the kind of place where everyone knows each other and you can make genuine connections <3. We also have lots of cute Taehyung emotes
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Emote Server of the K-Pop idol Kim Taehyung and one of his pets, Kim Yeontan