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💻 We have our own bot with Currency, Role-playing, Profile and other features! 📩Unique levelling system! 📷 Media Channels for you to share your anime/otaku images and memes! ⚔️ A Gaming Community who really enjoys games! 🔨We're looking for staff members! 🎁 Events are available to earn currency and roles! 🎥Watch a movie once a week! 📞Voice Channels fit for a bunch of stuff like music and gaming!
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Have you ever been told in a shipgirl rp server that you can't be azur lane ships or kancolle? Or even paper ships? Well, in this server you can be them! Hello! We are Busan Naval base, this is a very new server with two staff members that have experience in managing shipgirl servers or servers in general! We offer - Non literate Rps to Literate Rps! - A very friendly and fast staff team (hiring) - Ships ranging from 1900s to 1950. - WoWs Ships, Azur lane ships, Kancolle ships and even paper ships! - We have bots so you will never be bored! We are family friendly server (will be a section for unholy peeps) -------- Irp We offer -Combat system (looking for a GM) - Sorties that don't require dice for people who don't like it - Proper Sorties using dice and CS - Our lore is easy to understand for all types of people! - Even if you don't get into Sorties, you will have stuff to do! - weekly roleplay events -Fleets! ---------------------- Lore in server
Anime | Gaming
A relaxed server for Azur Lane players to get help, hang out, and have fun! Join us now to learn more!
Anime | Social
We are a community of Azur Lane fans who've grouped together to discuss history, gaming, naval, and aviation. We want all people who are interested in naval aviation to join and be a part of us.
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This server is mainly about Hibiki from KanColle: Kantai Collection. If you love Hibiki, this server is perfect for you!