A brandnew discord server dedicated to present you the best roleplaying experience possible! To do so, we offer our very own bot with a unique mechanic, so you can start your adventure at any time and even get roles showing your character's information! What are you waiting for? Join now to start your adventure! △▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽ What we offer: -A unique system of roleplaying based on locations -Roleplaying as any character you'd like -Great variety in character creation -Creating new skills and abilities -A further developing world. The more people join, the greater it gets! -A suggestion system to make the server as good as possible -lots of konosuba-themed emojis -OOC channels to talk about gaming, anime and much more!
Emote server packed with Isekai Quartet Emotes (Overlord\KonoSuba\Youjo Senki\Re:Zero\Shield Hero) so come and check it out! (9`・ω・)9
Welcome to 🍜 Ramen Radar 🍜 ~! We have: 🍜 automated reddit posts; 🍜 music-share and other media; 🍜 fun bots like AvaIre, IdleRPG and Mudae; 🍜 ramen-themed roles; 🍜 and more!
(Konosuba themed server) 18+ We're a rapidly growing group of degenerates who happen to watch anime and play games. While it isn't the focus of the server, we do have a fairly large NSFW section! Don't join if you're offended easily. -Active community -Large 18+ NSFW section -Laid back rules and staff -Weekly anime nights -Accepting of whatever degenerate shit you're into 18+ community with NSFW channels, ranking bots, weekly events
The Cult of Megumin is a Megumin centralized emote server with over 50 Megumin emotes and counting! On top of emotes, we also have a Megumin NSFW channel and a general chat for all Megumin connoisseurs to chat!