Role-Playing | LGBT
A server based on camp half blood. An island steeped in mystery and forgotten magic, cloaked in a shield only able to be passed through by ones with the ancient blood of the gods coursing through their veins. This is the way of camp half blood. Home to the Greek gods and goddesses’ children, trained to defend their ancestor’s names, these heroes or villains have the weight of the protection of modern society at hand. Bonded with the ancient cultures of Greece, our world of todays is linked with the days of the past, the gods powers and names forever being kept by the reminder of the ancient days, from the Greek ruins that remain to the busts of the gods themselves, this is what keeps them alive, the memory of their forgotten ways of life. Being a demigod is not an easy life, you will suffer greatly, lose loved ones and anyone close to you will be in danger, do you have what it takes to protect your divine bloodline and keep the ways of Greece alive?