Artzler’s Lounge is a community/hangout server with active voice chats and friendly staff.
Artzler’s Lounge is a community/hangout server with active voice chats and friendly staff.
Artzler’s Lounge is a community/hangout server with active voice chats and friendly staff.
18+, adult themes included, NO ERP! A D&D 5th edition play by post tabletop roleplay server. West March style with quests and downtime events. Open to all timezones. Avare bot included. Homebrew classes accepted within reason. Level 3 starting level. Welcome to everyone.
Hello everyone, This group focuses on RPing a medieval fantasy plot, the description of the plot has been written in the server. We look for people who can at least write more than one line and are capable of being descriptive. Here your imagination is your limit. At the moment were following the main plot, but we do side plots as well on a daily basis. We also do give aways from time to time such as monthly subscription for discord nitro.
for artists to share and grow, to make friends and seek advice!
newly created, 14+ kickback server where you can do alot more than just talk in chats! features include: Netflix Party Chat (Watch Netflix with Friends!), Connect with other gamers! 24/7 Music!! Meme Dropping, and TikTok Dropping! special smoking lounge, where you can rollup or have a drink and talk to others! No bullshit, all weird shit will get blocked and kicked from the server!, (pedophilia etc) no racism, homophobia, transphobia or any type of discrimination!! We don't discriminate and you shouldn't either!! LGBT- Friendly! come kickback with fellow quarantined folks!
In the present time, people have the abilities to become mystical creatures of unimaginable power! Your powers are derived from the creatures of either the side of Hell, Heaven, or Earth from those who've once walked on the ground beneath us. Through a dream, you're blessed with such a power, hence, you now are now able to take full control of your creature's body at will through transformations!
We are Pickled Cucumber Requiem. We're a small, close-knit, fun loving social community that has plans on expanding. We are dedicate towards making new friends and overall having a good time. Hope to see you here!
- Please remember that we are a 16+ community. If you are not 16 or will not be 16 in less than two (2) months, you will be denied access. - We are not professionals! This server was made by a English Major Undergrad, don't expect any top of the line editors!
MilkyMC is a whitelisted vanilla style minecraft server with discord integration, originally based off the youtube series hermitcraft. We offer a non-p2w experience, w/ donation perks being strictly cosmetic! We have amazing builders, and a one of a kind community! LGBT+ Friendly!
just a chat server no slur/anti culture/group words
This server is a home for fans of COSMIK's music, a multi-genre music producer. It is also a hub for various musicians and artists to talk about their craft, or just to hang out. If you love music, especially electronic music, feel free to join! :D
Seventeen Right Here is a k-pop server dedicated to the group Seventeen. We want to unite Carats together and make everyone feel safe, accepted, and respected.
Place to advertise your discord servers, social media & other. Chill, talk to people. We welcome everyone! LGTBQ Friendly, Self assignable roles & More!
Place to chill, have fun, talk to people, friendly, play games, whatever you prefer. We welcome everyone! LGTBQ Friendly, Fun bots, Self assign roles & More!
》 **N I C H A O** 《 🌱 Nichao accepts every kind of humans (LGBT, Any skin color, etc.) 🚫 Bullying is not accepted here! ⛱ Also we offer self-roles, strict rules, even our own bot, and anime vibe in our discord server, friendly owners and we need you here! so please take a part in our server cause it just started. 》**N I C H A O** 《
A small server for the "1.7.10 pack" modpack 250 mods No hacking, all else is fair game And just be nice! LGBTQ+ friendly all are welcome!
Grab your grey face paint and join us in HSAT! Here you can share art, cosplays as well as roleplay and just chat here! We welcome Hiveswap as well as fankids and trolls!
Squadagains is a new server that promotes people coming together to create something unique and fun for all. With suggestions always opened to all, we want people to share their ideas so we can grow as a whole community. No matter where you're from, who you are, or what you identify as everyone is welcomed. What we have: Friendly server to all Gaming and entertainment news updates Free games Giveaways Automated memes Automated Pings Youtube and Twitch advertising for active members And plenty more...
Thank you for your interest in our server! We are a budding 18+ community focused on CGL, CGLRE, and providing a space for both SFW and NSFW Littles and Caregivers.
A multi-fandom Podcast fan server! Features include a verification system, 20+ podcast channel, open channel requests, a gender/sexuality diverse mod team, a queer positive atmosphere, and a moderately active community.
The point of the Writers Outfit is to serve as a hub for those interested in writing a story with another person, or multiple people. The idea would be to post what your main story idea is, how many characters would be involved, and differing aspects that would be present in your story. If someone else is interested they would respond, and assuming their a good fit, your story can commence.
Hello There! We are a Really Darn Small Furry Discord Server! We offer: > Minor safe Channels (100% of the server) >Dank Memer, RPG Bot, And Unbelivaboat. Oh! and Pancake. >0% NSFW >Voice Chats >Music Bots
Welcome to New Odyssey! We are a Jcink Based Roleplay site that is focused on mythology and supernatural creatures. You can play a deity, creature, demigod, and more from your favorite myths and pantheons. We are really active and have a friendly staff and awesome members! All the roleplay takes place on JCINK but we have some ICC channels as well once you are accepted!
Hi there! We're a smaller discord server looking to gain a community of people together to play games with! From our start we were a D&D community that has started to branch out into general gaming. We have tons of channels for all sorts of things, including Looking For Group channels for DMs looking to get players for their games! We also have a minecraft server for anyone who is interested!
Wild West, is a server were you can make friends and socialise . LGBT Friendly
Welcome to Rodinia! Here, in this fantasy world, you can do tons of stuff! We are a small community, but we have high hopes that it will get bigger and bigger! This is what we have to offer: #1: Self-assignable Roles! #2: Friendly staff! #3: Lax rules! #4: We are LGBTQ+ friendly! #5: We have Bots! (and will add more if suggested) #6: A huge area to Role-play in! #7: We allow all charaters, even if they are OC or Canon
A low fantasy setting centered around a small uprising