A D&D 5th edition play by post tabletop roleplay server. West March style with quests and downtime events. Open to all timezones. Avare bot included. Homebrew classes accepted within reason. Level 3 starting level. Welcome to everyone.
A small server for the "1.7.10 pack" modpack 250 mods No hacking, all else is fair game And just be nice! LGBTQ+ friendly all are welcome!
Welcome newcomers! We are very happy to have you with us! Why does this server exist, you might ask? We exist to help you find the love of your life or just some friends to chat with if you're bored. Our aim is to provide users with additional support from other people or just someone to have a nice debate/discussion with. If you're interested in any kind of partnership with our server, then make sure to contact the Boss of the server, BHF#1787. On top of that, this server was started by an experienced server owner who knows what works and what doesn't. We aim to provide you with a lot of people to talk to and lots of bots to play with. Well, what are you waiting for?
Thank you for your interest in our server! We are a budding 18+ community focused on CGL, CGLRE, and providing a space for both SFW and NSFW Littles and Caregivers.
Relatively barren community looking for more active members to 'spice things up' or something like that.
A welcoming, friendly community! Has Art, Gaming, Writing, etc! We are a very small community, but hope to expand! MODS NEEDED.
A Homestuck hangout server I made for shits and giggles. We don't mind kinnies, but we also don't really roleplay. Join if you want.
Place to chill, have fun, talk to people, friendly, play some bot games or other games solo or together, whatever you prefer. We welcome everyone! Friendly Fun bots Leveling system Self assignable roles Feedback channel & More!
A safe and friendly environment for furries to hang out and chat. All are welcome! :3 We have rooms for roleplaying and sharing art. Rated-PG (18+ opt-in)
In the present time, people have the abilities to become mystical creatures of unimaginable power! Your powers are derived from the creatures of either the side of Hell, Heaven, or Earth from those who've once walked on the ground beneath us. Through a dream, you're blessed with such a power, hence, you now are now able to take full control of your creature's body at will through transformations!
Place to advertise your discord servers, social media, others. Chill, talk to people. We welcome everyone! Promote your discord server & social media Need staff ⭐ Friendly Leveling system Self assignable roles Fun Bots Feedback channel ▶️ & More! ◀️
We are Pickled Cucumber Requiem. We're a small, close-knit, fun loving social community that has plans on expanding. We are dedicate towards making new friends and overall having a good time. Hope to see you here!
- Please remember that we are a 16+ community. If you are not 16 or will not be 16 in less than two (2) months, you will be denied access. - We are not professionals! This server was made by a English Major Undergrad, don't expect any top of the line editors!
💠Cee' Studio is a friendly environment for people of all ages,genders and backgrounds.We are a positive,non-toxic community.Whether you need help beating a videogame,want to chat, or just need to vent,we're the best place to be.
Welcome to Knothole, a Sonic the Hedgehog roleplay server! What sets this apart from servers with a similar theme? Knothole does not have a centralized storyline, nor does it require character auditions. Instead, you'll come up with an idea, find a partner, and play as any character you wish. If you have a storyline you're dying to rp, or never get to rp your favorite character, come on in! We are a baby server, but hoping to grow with your help! All ships are welcome. NSFW content is permitted (if you are 18+). LGBTQ friendly.
MilkyMC is a whitelisted vanilla style minecraft server with discord integration, originally based off the youtube series hermitcraft. We offer a non-p2w experience, w/ donation perks being strictly cosmetic! We have amazing builders, and a one of a kind community! LGBT+ Friendly!
just a chat server no slur/anti culture/group words
A multi-fandom Podcast fan server! Features include a verification system, 20+ podcast channel, open channel requests, a gender/sexuality diverse mod team, a queer positive atmosphere, and a moderately active community.
( ` ∇ ´ )ψ is a server that was created to be a place where you can show off your artwork and promote yourself as an artist! We're just starting out, and we hope to see you there ♡
Hello everyone, This group focuses on RPing a medieval fantasy plot, the description of the plot has been written in the server. We look for people who can at least write more than one line and are capable of being descriptive. When you join, feel free to explore the channels and when you have some time follow our bio template to write up your OC's bio. If you are running out of ideas we also have a channel dedicated for side characters that are in the RP but nobody has them as their own OC so they are free to be claimed. We also do give aways from time to time such as monthly subscription for discord nitro.
For fans of ATEEZ to come and meet others and chat!
Hi there! We're a smaller discord server looking to gain a community of people together to play games with! From our start we were a D&D community that has started to branch out into general gaming. We have tons of channels for all sorts of things, including Looking For Group channels for DMs looking to get players for their games! We also have a minecraft server for anyone who is interested!
This server is a home for fans of COSMIK's music, a multi-genre music producer. It is also a hub for various musicians and artists to talk about their craft, or just to hang out. If you love music, especially electronic music, feel free to join! :D
Just a fan made Flashing lights Server
The United States of Dumbassery is a server that encourages you to let loose with your inner dumbass. We don’t judge you for being stupid while here, in fact, you’re almost expected to! This server serves as a place away from the real world, where you have to pretend to be a normal, functioning human. Here, we’re not sure if the staff team is human. Enjoy being a dumbass with us!
Seventeen Right Here is a k-pop server dedicated to the group Seventeen. We want to unite Carats together and make everyone feel safe, accepted, and respected.
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