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We are an ACNH based server with a very friendly community, we aim to give everyone chill vibes when they join. We host weekly giveaways, events & more!
Role-Playing | Community
Semi-Realistic Role-Play Server based on the world in the children's book series, Warriors by Erin Hunter Rated pg 13 We are a Highly Educational LGBT+ friendly server
Gaming | Community
Caring gaming community.
Design | Art
Custom emojis with LGBTQA hearts, continents, line-breaks, bullet points, genders, and more to come! Great for server owners with nitro who want to make a self-assignable role menu.
A place for spreading positivity, and-if you need it-talking about your problems. Vent, chat, make friends, and most importantly be there for someone or have someone be there for you when you need it.
LGBT | Language
Сервер для уютного общения без оскорблений и дискриминации. На сервере присутствуют кланы, множество различных тематических чатов, развитое РП. Изначально создавался как сервер группы "ROBLOX Россия!", однако от своей изначальной задумке отдалился давно, и сейчас здесь обсуждаются множество различных интересных тем. Приветливая администрация, дружелюбная атмосфера и разношёрстное сообщество ждут вас на нашем сервере "Schneeland" в Discord!
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HEY!! THIS IS A NEW SERVER, It includes a cozy environment, memes, gaming, anime, chatting, allows dating(YES I KNOW SIMPING IS ALLOWED FOR NOW) There's also a NSFW section & a NO RULE LOUNGE! This is a focused pastel aesthetic server BUT we provide other aesthetics as well! HOPE YOU ENJOY IT HERE!
LGBT | Community
We welome all, LGBTQ+ and Allys! :)