Education | Design
Experience the randomly generated chaos into Baldi's Basics Plus Discord Server, fully playable with different interactions and elements that completes every part of the server!
Gaming | Community
Overall, MinigiCraft is a server with many people, friendly staff and a plenty of games to choose!
Gaming | Community
Welcome to the Raveolution, newcomer! We're a small server with big dreams! However, we can't fulfill it completely on our own so we would appreciate you joining us on that journey! We offer a chill environment for you to spend time in, a lot of fun bots, roles per level and much more besides that! Once again, welcome and we hope you'll have a nice time! Give us a chance you won't regret it. ;)
Gaming | Community
An innovative HyTale server in the works. Follow us for news and exclusive offers for our upcoming release!
Gaming | Entertainment
The Absolution Network is home to Skylands, a uniquely coded Skyblock game with everything you could imagine! Build your own kingdom and fight against others to gather resources! With our top-notch staff, custom coded plugins, and even some fun minigames including, Skywars, Duels and many more, you'll have a great time! So why don't you join our fun?
Anime | Streaming
Server Discord dedicato agli amanti di anime & manga. Server completamente italiano 🇮🇹! 🛰️ Streaming 📡 Download 🎶 Music Bot 🃏 Mini-giochi 👫 Community
Entertainment | Music
BeNeLux & Beyond is a relatively new server created by a couple of people from the Benelux, focused on entertainment, music and chatting with people from all over the world.
Gaming | Social
FearMC is a new and upcoming Minecraft Server.
Gaming | Social
Multi Minecraft Server Community bringing people together for a great gaming experience.
Gaming | Entertainment
We build minigames for you to enjoy!
Gaming | eSports
We talk play games host events for real prizes etc. Join now and win :)
Social | Meme
We are a new server, looking out for a community for making friends! Looking for new friends? Looking for someone to laugh with? Looking for someone to vent out to? Our server has got you covered. We have everything, ranging from Vent Channels, Selfie sharing, to Minecraft Server and Meme Sharing! We also have official smp minecraft servers for both JAVA and BEDROCK for members of the discord.
Entertainment | Gaming
A discord server for players of Nuetronium Minecraft Servers!
Gaming | Community
New Minecraft Server coming up with loads of minigames like: Bedwars, Factions, Skywars, KitPVP and much more, Come join us Looking for Players and soon staff
Community | Emoji
Wilkommen bei Colorful 🏳️‍🌈 Was wir anbieten: 🔸️Aktive Member 👥 🔸️Viele eigene Emojis 😂 🔸️Comunity Server 🧑/👧 🔸️Sprache Deutsch 🇩🇪 🔸️Eigenes Designe🔰 🔸️self-/reaction-roles 🎟 🔸️Weiterentwickeltes System 🎫 Guck doch gerne mal vorbei 😊🇩🇪
Social | Gaming
Bored during quarantine?? Well come join the best discord server to pass time. We offer mini-games such as connect 4, tic-tac-toe, and russian roulette. We also offer a fully autonomous economy system that includes gambling and buying and selling. Use our MEE6 bot to jam out with others in our public voice chat rooms! Also use us to find teammates for your favorite game or maybe find your soulmate here! We have something for everyone so come join!
Gaming | Streaming
Discord du serveur Minecraft français Hyseria
Hycade Network
Community | Role-Playing
Don't re-enter the past. Don't look towards for the far future. You are in the future! This is 22nd Century. 100 years have gone by! After the meteor star collided with Earth, a new era, life on Mars was just beginning. However, life on a new planet is not easy and you need to fight for power.
Gaming | Entertainment
The FenoianCraft Minecraft Server's official Discord server.
Gaming | Social
Mineclaps provides a unique Survival world in which you have the option to play Minecraft as it is, or to explore an engaging story with quests for you to complete. These quests will lead to other segments of the lore while rewarding you with some elegant goods! Together with these quests, you can achieve an extended universe of achievements, which you can showcase in your Trophy room. Furthermore, you will be able to train skills by the use of MCMMO and higher enchants. This way, Mineclaps provides an MMO/RPG experience through Minecraft. Not interested? We offer a wide variety of Minigames for you to climb the leaderboards!
Community | Gaming
Constellation is a friendly community discord server that hosts Minecraft minigames and discord server events. These can be participated in to win a range of prizes or just have fun! If this isn't your thing thats okay because we also provide a place to socialise with others and meet new people! We welcome anyone so don't be shy! I would love to see you around.
Entertainment | Role-Playing
Servidor Minecraft.
Music | Bot
Ce serveur est un serveur pour la détente. Tout le monde est le bienvenu sur ce serveur pour profiter des membres, des bots, des mini-jeux et pleins d'autres choses comme par exemple venir ecouter et partaher de la musique où des blagues. On vous attends pour venir découvrir tour ça. À tout de suite.
Role-Playing | Mature
This Server Is For All Gamer's And Roleplayer's A Like , We Have Mini-Game Bot's For Everyone And We Are A Fun Kinda Server We Love All And We Don't Judge Other's , We Are An Open Community That Welcome All With Open Hearts And We Don't Judge Others Past Actions , BUT WE DO NOT ALLOW RULE BREAKER'S , And We Also Do Livestream's And Allow Youtuber's You Must Apply Within The Server So We Can See Your Application , We Also Have Poll's And Other Cool Stuff , I Am Working On A Bot So Be On The Look Out On Our Server To See My Bot Coming Soon! Please Make Sure To Read The Rule's And Out Term's Of Service/Term's And Condition's In The #rules Channel!
Anime | Art
Welcome to Anime!Hideout This server has: • Pokécord • Good Community • Anime, Weebs, Otakus • A Lot Of Game Bots (RPG, Mantaro, Tatsumaki, Mudae etc...) • For Some Reason, A Bunch Of Music Bots (Rythm, Wakk, Astolfo etc..) • Greatest Memes Known To Man • Sum Hawt Joosey NSFW • Last But Not Least, Your Favourite Discord User, A BOT
Meme | Community
Thirstserv💦😩, where we provide the attention😽, the dm notifications🙈, and the validation😈 you don't get IRL!😭🤧
A fun Minecraft PE server
Gaming | Social
Community | Gaming
We are a small community of people but is getting quite quiet here and we wanna bring back the time when the server was pretty active Curious ? Well lets join !
MLGames is an upcomming minecraft minigame server with custom plugins. Join today to be a part of something great!
Community | Gaming
A family friendly Terraria Mobile Discord community
Community | Entertainment
Welcome to EJ's mansion! This is a well built community server looking to add some more friends to our list. We try our best to be active everyday and provide a welcoming community to everyone! We have a ton of self roles and colors to choose from! We also have some pretty dank emotes
Community | Bot
Der offizielle Discord Server vom Cookie Network
Gaming | Meme
gaming, lots of roles, memes, a hangout zone without hookup drama
Gaming | Entertainment
In this server, you can play Discord minigames with your friends and other members!