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Furry | Community | Gaming
Welcome to Furgether where anyone that loves games can come and hang out. Come join for a great gaming community.
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Furry | Community | Gaming
Welcome to Furgether where anyone that loves games can come and hang out. Come join for a great gaming community.
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Community | Social
Dedicated Core Members, regular events like movie night or drawpile. Users are encourage to run their own events. Self Promotion.
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Role-Playing | Community
The Lovers Stable is a new non-toxic, mature, brony-centered 18+ dating, roleplay community. If you're 18 or older, whether you're looking for friends, companions, or more, you're welcome here. We also feature access roles for clop and other NSFW content.
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Community | Gaming
A server mostly for the ponies who enjoys My Little Pony. Make sure to read the rules once you join. Do NOT join if you not here for anything ponies related. Joining and leaving this server in mere moments will result in a ban
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Community | Art
A fun place to hangout, make friends, share art and much more 💟
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Programming | Art
A server for pony enthusiasts of the game-dev sort. Although the primary theme is centered around gaming development, we welcome people from all walks of media, whether it's art, music, videos, writing, and more!
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Furry | Community
Medium-sized MLP server welcoming other fandoms into it.
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Community | Furry
A server for Bronies to hang out. Come join us for a fun and engaging community with over 1000 members!
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Community | LGBT
Welcome to Equestria - The Quest For Friendship! We aim to become a friendly Community; Where we together can enjoy each others company and share friendships! Everyone is welcome! We hope to bring together the most amazing of people; Namely You!. if you're struggling with issues,Mentally or physically. Or have a bad day! Don't be afraid to jump on in and message an admin! they're there for you, to help and guide you. or just are a fan of the series? Then come on in! Here is what we offer: • We offer Custom Made emoji • Lots of self-assignable roles! / Or ask staff for a custom role! • Active Staff 24/7 Support • OC/RP/ART chats! • Nsfw for those who desire it • Artists creating your oc's (T.B.D) • Events! Weekly/Monthly (with a certain prize pool!) • All staff are above 18+ •Website/Forum!
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Beliefs | Furry
A place for ponies(bronies) and furries who identify as Christian to hang out and relax and make new friends! You do not need to be a Christian to frequent this server, but we do ask that everyone behave courteously towards each other. This is a 'safe for work' environment where furry/brony Christians can enjoy the company of other Christians and share art and be social together. SFW server. New! (3/17/19)
Sunset Shimmer Fanclub Icon
Social | Community
A place for bronies and anyone really to hang out and talk to each other, with a few bots like Rythm, FlutterBot and SweetieBot. (bonus respect points if you like Sunset Shimmer) We have 2 general channels just in case one gets too hectic, We also have a venting channel for all your feelings to feel like home, A gaming channel for any game out there, An asperations channel for saying what you want to do with your life, A truly interesting fanfiction channel, And lastly, we have 8 cosmetic roles, and we also take suggestions.
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Community | Art
2k chill, MLP/ brony / pony Fandom community.Includes: roleplay rooms,SFW Chat and Image rooms, Artist marketplace, and many cute pony emojis.
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Community | Social
We have just about everything from gaming, to social to voice chat, to just about anything else you could think of. A great place to make friends and have fun as well! See for yourself, stop by and give us a chat!
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Community | YouTuber | Gaming
Welcome to The YT Community! 💥The #1 hub for Content Creators. Join 4000+ users who are reaching their YouTube ✨dreams✨!
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The YT Community Icon
Community | YouTuber | Gaming
Welcome to The YT Community! 💥The #1 hub for Content Creators. Join 4000+ users who are reaching their YouTube ✨dreams✨!
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Social | Anime
"Hello reader! this is the OFFICIAL UwU Inn introductory description! previously a lawless friend group, we've (SOMEWHAT COLLECTIVELY) Decided to go public and spruce up our server a bit, we're a ragtag group of weebs and epic gamers with questionable heterosexuality and we would love.. LOVE for our once small abode to grow up big and strong with beautiful and fruitful members to help spice things up a bit for the harsh winters ahead, and in time grow a small community of uwuers for the next wonderful chapter of our story! because chaaange.. is goooood.. so dont be shy come along and have a chill time with the former members of the Order of UwU! we play wonderful games such as: Minecraft (Modded), Destiny 2, League of Legends, For Honor(ish) and whatever we can get our hands on to have fun and chill, if this all sounds interesting then come give us a visit! uwu"
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Furry | Art
The Art Studio Icon
Art | Furry
The Art Studio is a Discord Server Dedicated to helping all sorts of artists! We strive to be a database for art tutorials, and art help! We hope that we can gathers artists of all skill levels in order to create an "art studio"!
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Community | Anime
Русскоязычное сообщество фанатов My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic в Discord. Живое общение с броняшами и не только! Каналы с R34 присутствуют ;)
Twilight's School of Friendship Icon
Furry | Social
Australian-based MLP new server.
sylveon chalet Icon
Community | YouTuber
We're a growing active and chill community with a Pokémon Themed server! Everyone is welcome here.
Love of MLP Writing Icon
Writing | Community
For those who love My Little Pony FanFiction. For readers to share and discuss your favourite stories. For writers to build their skills and craft. And for editors to help the community to make something great. We wish to welcome you to *Love of MLP Writing*. Our community is small, but growing. And our scope may seem small as well, but it's expanding. Come join us, for fun, excitement, and the spirit of creation.
Official CyTube MLP Icon
Meme | Furry
The Discord server of the My Little Pony CyTube Channel
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Community | Hobbies
GearHeart is a community built to bring together content creators and consumers from across the hypnosis, tulpa, mlp, and related communities.
Tech Ponies Icon
Technology | Entertainment
A server for fans of my little pony and technology
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Community | Growth
Are you a MLP fan? Want to chat with other bronies or fans just like you? then, look no further! come join Whooves Universe! we are a growing server and is in need of people who are wanting to either be Mods or Admins. (staff will come soon.) Anyway, this server is trying to earn people and make them happy! If you are interested, then come join us! The more the merrier!
Everfree hills Icon
Community | Social
A small SFW server for bronies and pegasisters. Please feel at home :3
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Social | Furry | LGBT
Hello! We are a furry safespace where all furs and allies can come to meet new people, chat and have a good time!
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Furtastic Furries Icon
Social | Furry | LGBT
Hello! We are a furry safespace where all furs and allies can come to meet new people, chat and have a good time!
The Oasis Pub Icon
Furry | Community | Social
We are a 15+ pub-themed hangout server for bronies, furries and non-furries alike. 🥂 Feel free to come and chill, make some friends, talk about life, sing and drink like you do at a pub! 🍻
/MLP/Anonfags Icon
Meme | Community
Hey dude what's up? Okay cool I don't care about your day I'm just here to offer you to join my server but If you don't want to that is fine to be honest I don't blame you this server Isn't for the easily offended people if you have a sensitive heart I recommend not joining at all but hey I cant tell you what to do and not do Join at your own risk.
German Furry Icon
Furry | Community
Der größte und älteste Deutsche Furry Server! :3 Es ist ein gemütlicher Server auf dem man sich unterhalten und kennenlernen kann, es gibt unter anderem RP und Gaming Channel. Es gibt auch spezielle Rollen wie z.B. für Bronies und Otakus, für die es auch zusätzliche Channel gibt. Außerdem haben wir eine Server eigene Fursona und einen speziellen Bot für den Server. (Vor der Freischaltung habt ihr nur Zugriff auf den Willkommens-Chat)
MLP Is Awesome Icon
Entertainment | Community
A place for My Little Pony fans of all ages to talk, show off art, and more! There are channels for art, chatting, and all MLP generations!
Furry Paradise Icon
Furry | Anime
The greatest fandom discord in existence! Come by, make new friends and see why over 3,000 people chose us!
Glimmys Hangout Icon
Gaming | Community
Welcome to Glimmys Hangout. We are a Hangout Server who have fun talking about almost all sorts of things. Just to talk, meet people, play games, etc. Come and have fun. A MLP Server, conversation focused to everything related to what you want talk about and about the show. Join us and you will get a great exprience! • Friendly Staff • We offer custom roles • Meet some new friends! • A meme Bot • 100% Guarantee to keep the server nice • Well organized channels • Diversity • We have a Starboard • All fandoms welcome, we don't discriminate
Canterlot Icon
A fun, friendly brony server, with all you'd expect of a larger server without the headaches of being just a number in the crowd. Come get to know us!
Cloudsdale (International) Icon
Community | Emoji
We are the International Community of the Ponyville (German) Discord Server | English Server | Bronies and Ponys
Ponyville (German) Icon
Community | Social
Wir sind My Little Pony Fans. Der Server ist nicht nur für Bronies sondern für alle Fans! Bei uns könnt ihr euch mit anderen MLP Fans austauschen und Freunde Finden! Infos zum Server -Server Sprache ist Deutsch -My Little Pony Fans Only -Bietet Austausch zwischen den Fans
MLP fans of Southwest Florida Icon
Entertainment | Community
For older fans of the show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" in the Southwest Florida area. (Tampa, Port Charolette, Fort Myers, Naples, etc)
(EqU)Equestria Unleashed Icon
Community | Role-Playing
We are a family friendly fun pony Rp community, with several game servers, a social site and much more. Feel free to come join in and say hello to the others, and remember to have fun pony style. For more information copy the links below.