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Sports | Investing | Financial
Enjoy Sports. Make Money. Specialized in Sports Betting Arbitrage 📊, Daily Fantasy Sports 🏈, Sports NFT’s 🤑, and Sports Cards 🃏
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Sports | Investing | Financial
Enjoy Sports. Make Money. Specialized in Sports Betting Arbitrage 📊, Daily Fantasy Sports 🏈, Sports NFT’s 🤑, and Sports Cards 🃏
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Community | Furry
A group for those that like MLP whether it's ponies, the human version of them, or OCs even. This is a chill server and to hang out among each other
the joles junction Icon
Art | Writing
A fun place to hang out with other artists, writers, or even other bronies!
Equestrian's United Icon
Community | Role-Playing
We are a RP/fighting server! here you can create your My little Pony OC and play with us! We are al My little Pony fans!
Brony Icon
Community | Furry
A server for Bronies to hang out. Come join us for a fun and engaging community with over 1000 members!
Sunset Shimmer Fanclub Icon
Social | Community
A place for bronies and anyone really to hang out and talk to each other, with a few bots like Rythm, FlutterBot and SweetieBot. (bonus respect points if you like Sunset Shimmer) We have 2 general channels just in case one gets too hectic, We also have a venting channel for all your feelings to feel like home, A gaming channel for any game out there, An asperations channel for saying what you want to do with your life, A truly interesting fanfiction channel, And lastly, we have 8 cosmetic roles, and we also take suggestions.
Ponyville Plaza Icon
Community | Art
2k chill, MLP/ brony / pony Fandom community.Includes: roleplay rooms,SFW Chat and Image rooms, Artist marketplace, and many cute pony emojis.
Ponyville After Dark Icon
Art | Mature
Lewd + Explicit 18+ my little pony / brony Server. We also have rooms for both Furry / Yiff NSFW and Anime / Hentai NSFW and also rooms for both safe and explicit roleplay
18Pony Bronies Icon
Community | Anime
Русскоязычное сообщество фанатов My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic в Discord. Живое общение с броняшами и не только! Каналы с R34 присутствуют ;)
Love of MLP Writing Icon
Writing | Community
For those who love My Little Pony FanFiction. For readers to share and discuss your favourite stories. For writers to build their skills and craft. And for editors to help the community to make something great. We wish to welcome you to *Love of MLP Writing*. Our community is small, but growing. And our scope may seem small as well, but it's expanding. Come join us, for fun, excitement, and the spirit of creation.
Official CyTube MLP Icon
Meme | Furry
The Discord server of the My Little Pony CyTube Channel
GearHeart Icon
Community | Hobbies
GearHeart is a community built to bring together content creators and consumers from across the hypnosis, tulpa, mlp, and related communities.
PonySFM Icon
Community | Education
PonySFM is a community and platform that hosts Source Filmmaker downloads with a focus on MLP-related resources.
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Gaming | eSports | Community
Serveur Discord dédié à Rocket League pour la communauté francophone. N'hésitez pas à rejoindre pour plus de fun.
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Rocket League France Icon
Gaming | eSports | Community
Serveur Discord dédié à Rocket League pour la communauté francophone. N'hésitez pas à rejoindre pour plus de fun.
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Entertainment | Community
A place for My Little Pony fans of all ages to talk, show off art, and more! There are channels for art, chatting, and all MLP generations!
Glimmys Hangout Icon
Gaming | Community
Welcome to Glimmys Hangout. We are a Hangout Server who have fun talking about almost all sorts of things. Just to talk, meet people, play games, etc. Come and have fun. A MLP Server, conversation focused to everything related to what you want talk about and about the show. Join us and you will get a great exprience! • Friendly Staff • We offer custom roles • Meet some new friends! • A meme Bot • 100% Guarantee to keep the server nice • Well organized channels • Diversity • We have a Starboard • All fandoms welcome, we don't discriminate
Canterlot Icon
A fun, friendly brony server, with all you'd expect of a larger server without the headaches of being just a number in the crowd. Come get to know us!
Cloudsdale (International) Icon
Community | Emoji
We are the International Community of the Ponyville (German) Discord Server | English Server | Bronies and Ponys
Ponyville (German) Icon
Community | Social
Wir sind My Little Pony Fans. Der Server ist nicht nur für Bronies sondern für alle Fans! Bei uns könnt ihr euch mit anderen MLP Fans austauschen und Freunde Finden! Infos zum Server -Server Sprache ist Deutsch -My Little Pony Fans Only -Bietet Austausch zwischen den Fans
Strawberry Ponies Icon
Social | Furry
💕 Welcome to server that accepts all people, anyway they are. We treat people with respect and are always delighted when someone new comes in. This was a MLP detected server but we liked it when it grew to a broader audience. So come on in and enjoy some strawberry icecreams!
Ponyflation Server Icon
Furry | Art
Welcome everypony, to the Ponyflation Server! This plaza is home to a whole variety of pony inflation artwork created by certain users and even me myself! You can RP here, learn to make artwork here, and even, chill-out here and all! For all you ponies and pony-inflators here; feel free to take a look at our balloon pony artwork, this server is here for you! We provide our welcomed-ones roleplay channels, artwork channels, chitty-chat-chat channels; basically everything here! Furthermore, we have a friendly team of moderators, who are able to help anypony whenever they can! Or if you want, you can DM us too! ^_^ There is always a chance that you can join the team of moderators too! We are always open! ^w^ Last, but not any circumstaces least, you can join us whenever you want! If you don't want to, that's COMPLETELY fine. however, read the rules before joining us to chit-chat! We are all very hyped up to see you! :3 From BrainSpins011, The Chairman
Manehattan Icon
Social | Community
Брони сервер телеграм чата Мэйнхеттен ( Совместные игры, стримы, общение, активности для художников, сходочки.
MLP fans of Southwest Florida Icon
Entertainment | Community
For older fans of the show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" in the Southwest Florida area. (Tampa, Port Charolette, Fort Myers, Naples, etc)
MLP G5 A new Dawn Icon
Community | Role-Playing
The dawn of a new era stands before us. Magic returned and with it came new problems to solve, new enemies to stand up to and new exciting possibilities. With the world changing, the three Pony species will reunite under a single banner again... but what will you do? Are you gonna stay and observe the World changing? Or will you take your future in your own Hooves, making your own Path and your own Stories to share? Perhaps you also might be one to defy the new changes, preaching the old ways. What can we give you? • A fresh and New Community • LGBTQ+ friendly! • Lots of Orginal Characters • Many Species Avaible for Ocs • Lots of space for role-play. • Fun Events, some just for fun and other Story related • Server development depends on you. • Artwork, writing, music - all kinds of creative works! • Music bot • No NSFW
(EqU)Equestria Unleashed Icon
Community | Role-Playing
We are a family friendly fun pony Rp community, with several game servers, a social site and much more. Feel free to come join in and say hello to the others, and remember to have fun pony style. For more information copy the links below.
Canterlot Café Icon
Social | Gaming
The Canterlot Café is a server made to celebrate the My Little Pony fandom and gaming. Here, can you discuss almost anything with other people who are more than willing to listen to what you have to say! The Canterlot Café started out as a server for the My Little Pony club on Xbox, but has since expanded to cover everyone who would like to participate.