Role-Playing | Community
=NOW HIRING STAFF AND ROLEPLAY LEADS= A Modern-Fantasy Para to Semi-para RP that posts in real-time instead of waiting for weeks or months for replies. Must be 18+ IRL.
Role-Playing | Political
Welcome to the Kingdom of Skørland, a South Scandanavian fictional nation for roleplaying in a modern world. Anywhere from running your own campaign for Prime Minister to becoming a buisness owner or even working as a revolutionary to take action against the nation. A lot of oppurtunities, and a dedicated staff behind the server means we'll try to make sure you'll be having a good time in our server. - Active Staff - Realistic Features - Multiple positions - Working government - Realistic simulated events and issues
Role-Playing | Entertainment
Broken Promises is a multi option modern roleplay server where you can get a premium roleplay experience roleplaying as a: ◇ nation ◇ rebellion ◇ terrorist organization ◇ company ◇ leader of a nation's military ◇ the Secretary-General of the United Nations! This server is for you to become whatever you want! Our friendly staff and community will aid you in all and any questions! You can do all, from becoming a dictatorship, starting a civil war, getting independence for a nation, improving your economy and military, establishing and destroying relations, enforcing peace, or even blowing up and terrorizing many advanced nations!