Hobbies | Social
A newly established motorcycle riding discord based in Sydney Australia. If you ride or have a passion for bikes, and live in Sydney, please welcome yourself to our discord. We try to have a positive all welcoming atmosphere for all races, genders and bikestyles. 18+.
Gaming | Social
This server is all about cars and motorcycles and you can discuss whatever you want to! (that's automotive-related, of course!) We have a lot of channels to discuss anything that you would like to, and we also have gaming channels that people can connect to and play a game together. We have really nice staff that can help you at if you aren't satisfied with anything in the server. I hope you have fun!!!! 😄
Anime | Military
History Weebs is a server with people from all over the globe. We "discuss" Anime, Manga, History, guns, planes, tanks, vehicles, mechanics, IRL shit and just general banter. Feel free to join!