A freshly made server; created for those who just wish to hangout, and make friends, or just converse. The server mainly contains people who know each other, but are willing to widen their horizons to help build a stronger community. There's a wide variety of channels for everyone. Feel free to drop by! <3
Come join Our Chill discord server ________________________________________________________________________________ Come Chill and relax Here Here is what you can expect after joining in this server 1.A growing server 2.A Active server 3.Lots of different roles and channels 4.Lots of giveaways 5.Helpfull staff Help us Grow by joining here! thx have a great day
A friendly roleplay server, of a magical world, but a tragic city, its people trapped in a eight-levelled cage as they fight for the crown. Based off the Selection series by Kiera Cass.
[-] | ❃ Gamers (within a variety of games) [-] | ❃ Music Bots / Many More! [-] | ❃ Friendly and active members [-] | ❃ Voice Chats [-] | ❃ Experienced and friendly staff [-] | ❃ Memes [-] | ❃ Youtubers + Advertising (must have at least 500 subs) [-] | ❃ Partnership (which shall be discussed through partners managers) [-] | ❃ LBGT+ Friendly [-] | ❃ Artists ( are welcome to post drawings and ask for critics) [-] | ❃ Pokecord [-] | ❃ And various of other channels for you to explore!